Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road Trip

When we heard it would cost $450 to ship one of Robert's paintings to Boston for an exhibition, we decided it would be fun (and cheaper) to deliver it ourselves. Hm.....
So we rented a car.....

This is somewhere in Connecticut. (Photos always awful from moving vehicle).

And somewhere in Massachusetts with a great deal of road ahead of us.

and this is almost anywhere along the way (note American flag.)

Gas and Big Mac's....... How I detest the current buzzword 'iconic'....oh well.

There was a drive up window at Honeydew Donuts.....

but we plumped for MacDonalds.....

an irresistible gun.

So we got there, delivered the painting....

savored the delights of Cambridge (post tomorrow)

turned round the next morning and found this glorious onion dome in Hartford marked United States Armaments Manufactury....

and some one (Uncle Sam? Honest Abe? A car salesman?) peeping out at us over the hedge.
Safe home now 436 miles later.
Math: Car rental $150 + gas $50 + parking and tolls $25 + assorted horrible snacks + gift for my cousin
who had us to stay.......equals grand savings of approximately 37cents....


  1. I was wondering what the account would show.
    I am sure you enjoyed (minus snacks) the day and scenery more than the painting would have being loaded unloaded in closed tucks.
    Plus who wants to miss seeing a very tall man waving near Honeydew Donuts !
    The Photo of the road with all the trees is beautiful, so different from my Arizona landscape.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Travelled these roads many years ago and still enjoy to think back...

  3. Road trip! My favorite. Smart to have a good excuse to hand deliver that painting and get some new scenery along the way. Laughed at the combination of gas and McDonalds. Looking forward to the Cambridge post.

  4. WAY To Save Money!!!The adventure- so worth it!

  5. 35 cents but you went on a road trip!! That's exciting and I love the photos - my bet on the guy waving is that he's a car salesman.

  6. But think of the wonderful road trip you just took us on. I loved it! Armchair travel at its best. The hint of autumn colours along the way was very pretty. Everyone must have Maccas at least once during a road trip - it's mandatory here in Oz.

  7. Awesome adventure! And I'm so familiar with these sights, since we used to live in CT and now live just north of Boston. Cambridge is awesome! Can't wait to see those pics.

  8. Ah but how to value the autumn New England adventure. Hoping that you all did see some pretty colored leaves on the Connecticut and Massachusetts trees.

    (I would have also chosen McDonalds, no question about it.)

    It's been quite a while since I was in Cambridge in October, so I'm also looking forward to lots more photographs.


  9. What a trip! 37 cents? It worth it :)
    I also can't wait for Cambridge photos!

  10. Very interesting post. Love the onion dome!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. An amibition on mine would be to visit New England in the 'fall' - a road trip even better!

    I also love - no covet - the old manual typewriter in the shop window! Not too dissimilar to the one I was taught to type on eons ago.

    I too would have chosen the road adventure to deliver the painting personally. The trip may have cost the same but your post(s)? about the delivery service from NY would have been so much more dull - if you know what I mean!

  12. Looks like a fun road-trip. :-)

  13. At least you had some fun along the way. Brought back memories of my time in Connecticut and Mass.
    The MacDonalds obviously different to here.


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