Saturday, September 29, 2012


Left Manhattan on a cloudy Thursday evening to go to Garden City for a wedding rehearsal where I'm doing a reading.

to the astounding gothic Cathedral which reminds me a lot of England.

Quite an interesting collection of characters in the stained glass.  Barac ( according to the Catholic encyclopedia) was: The deliverer of the Israelites from the power of the Chanaanites under the judgeship of Debbora. 

It really is most beautiful and impressive.

The inlaid floor

the organ loft

the carved stonework

and the steps leading down to the crypt.........


  1. Fine cathedral, but I would not go down to the crypt :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hello Elizabeth:
    Such a magnificent cathedral building and, as you say, not at all unlike something which might be found in England.

    We are intrigued to know what you will be reading?!!

  3. Highly unusual in the states- where in Europe there's one on every corner! Wonderful building!

  4. Such a wonderful old building. I love old churches/cathedrals, there is a wonderful sense of peace and tranquillity in them.

  5. Like you said, most beautiful and impressive. Architecture like that would break a budget now. But then there were probably no unions or minimum wages when that cathedral was built. Much different Barac.

  6. This reminds me, just a little, of Christ Church Cathedral here in Victoria. I can imagine the peace, cool calm and even the smell of the stone and wood. Beautiful.

  7. That first picture seems so full of mystery, almost unreal, great capture!

  8. Elizabeth, I do love that moody photograph of the train tracks and the distant city skyline. It's such a contrast to the the bright photos of the old church.

    I imagine that church was a wonderful setting for the wedding, full of tradition.

    Please do reveal what it was that you read.

    It was grand seeing you and yours last week! xo

  9. Beautiful cathedral!

  10. Hi Elizabeth, I sent you an email about two weeks ago to your hotmail address, which I guess you did not get as you were asking for mine recently on my blog. Not sure if it's wise to exchange emails here, so wondered if you could check your hotmail inbox (it was 17 September), otherwise Frances has my email address. Would love to get in touch about your London trip!

  11. It would be interesting, not to mention useful if you identified the places you shoot.


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