Wednesday, September 12, 2012


On Monday I had to go to Broad Street for a meeting and emerged at the World Trade Center subway stop. Lots of tourists bustling about and lots of business types too. As always, I was impressed by the progress on the new Freedom Tower with its dramatic reflections.

St. Paul's church, to me, is much lovelier --harking back to a very, very old New York --reminding me almost of England.

Foursquare and sturdy.

The graves look suitably aged and peaceful.  I thought (as I always do almost against my will) of how it was eleven years ago when the pile was still smoking and everything was awful. Then I walked through the busy, milling crowds to my meeting.


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    Indeed, St. Paul's Church could so easily have been uprooted from England, complete with its churchyard. But what a wonderful sanctuary to have right in the middle of such a very busy, cosmopolitan city. Architecturally, it reminds us, from your photographs, of St. George's Church in Kemp Town, Brighton which is our 'parish' church and was built, we suggest, about the same time.

  2. The last time I was in NYC, there were no Freedom Towers, just lots of dirt and dust from workers clearing the area. It must be wonderful to see the progress. St. Paul's church is a perfect contrast to the busy city.

    Wonderful pos.

  3. Ah Elizabeth, all those years ago when I worked downtown, I walked past St Paul's just about every day. It is a beautiful place.

    Now, every evening when I leave work at the shop and glance downtown, I see the new replacement Trade Tower. Its scaffolding skeleton is lit after dark. Little by little, floor by floor, the mirrored glass cover is being added.

    Somehow, I still do not see the need for this new tallest building.

  4. Lovely walk today.
    I thought St. Paul's Church was beautiful and a wonderful quiet spot in the city. I saw it many years ago.
    My heart is so heavy yesterday and today when I read again about the killing of people all in the name of a religion.
    Your photos are especially poignant.
    Many thanks for a quiet and lovely walk.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. The anniversary coverage on English TV seemed much more understated this year - I wonder how it was in the States. Lovely images as always E.

  6. It does look like an english church... I'm with Frances in wondering why there is a need for the new mirrored skyscraper. I've been to St Paul's and it has a beautiful energy inside.

  7. It was a miracle the church wasnt damaged at all having seen the close proximity to the Twin towers when we visited New York. I am pleased to see the new Freedom tower is coming along, cant wait to come back and see it when its finished.

  8. I see the Freedom Tower will be ready soon. The old cemetery is really interesting place.
    Have a nice day!

  9. i find this post very touching, both in photo and word.

  10. From Sag Harbour to down town quite distinct differences.


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