Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday Walk on the High Line

The other day I was fiddling round with my little tree pit gardens in front of the building, when someone stopped and said,"Now that's a garden!.......Flowers and everything!" He had just come from The High Line which had disappointed him as it was mostly 'weeds'.

Of course tastes differ wildly, but I'm besotted with 'natural' plantings -- so utterly different from the 'Corporation Carpark' style  of my lost youth where everything was planted in straight lines. Red white and blue, red white and blue and so on.

Look at the fluffy grasses

and some sort of wild artichoke (I think!)

Bad photo but funny poster.

More of the wild artichoke and the Richard Meier Building.

This little bit of orphan rail line is in the West Village way below the gentrified bit of the  High Line.

We were heading South to Spring Street to have lunch at The Ear, a very scruffy pub with good food.


  1. Great photos! I went there last weekend and the weather was fantastic! I love the natural plantings also. So much more interesting than all those annuals! I was wondering what that artichoke-like plant was too!

  2. Elizabeth, that first picture is fit to print and frame - gorgeous!

    Interesting plant, the one with the yellow flowers.
    I don't think that's an artichoke of any kind, though. Could it be a Sunchoke or Jerusalem artichoke?

    A wonderful Sunday to you and yours,

  3. I like the photos, especially the one of the old building with two big smoke stacks.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Hello Elizabeth:
    We think that the casual planting in drifts on the High Line is totally in keeping with its situation. Of course, there will be times in the year when the plant performance is better than others, but, nevertheless, this is an inspired planting scheme in our view. The grasses which you show do at this time of year look particularly good and add such movement when the air blows through them.

  5. I love your photos - so evocative of a place which seems exotically far away! And the poster is wonderful!

    Pomona x

  6. I sing the praises of the High Line to everyone. I hear they are starting the last section now.!

  7. It has been interesting to see how the High Line has developed over the months Elizabeth. I love all the grasses and flowers.

  8. Always such a love backdrop for any garden. Yours looks really nice and well loved.

  9. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  10. You made someone happy with your flowers! LOL at that poster.

  11. Thank you for your comment on my blog Elizabeth !
    I just published a new travel book with Louis Vuitton and things are a little bit "accélérées" at the moment but I always have time to look at your gorgeous pictures and stories.

    I have closed the comments on my blog for a little moment because I don't have enough time to look at them carefully but you are always on my blogroll. My favorite NY blog !

    Have a great day and a big Bonjour from Paris xx

    Francisca Mattéoli

  12. I love wild grasses
    and mish-mosh gardens
    I pretty much love when nature is allowed to be :)

    great poster
    wonderful photos
    scruffy pub sounds fantastic!!

  13. Just LOVE the vibrancy and variety you share here, Elizabeth... what a great mix here! That poster/add is very funny. And lovely to see the flowers as flowers are fading fast here. Great to catch up with you! I've been offline having some fun, just now surfacing! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  14. What some folks call weeds are often beautiful on the right setting. I really enjoyed seeing the weeds being beautiful in your area!


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