Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Christina  hosted a "Simple pleasures" celebration yesterday.
My friends Constance and Tracy took part.
I'm late to the party but was happy to be invited!

A mother and her daughters on their way to school one drizzly morning.

My mother with her mother and my uncle. 1911

The sort of florist shop you see in your dreams.
Click on images to enlarge.

The tiny posy I took home.

Quite a few of us bloggers are posting about plates or dishes tomorrow.
Another of life's little pleasures.....
I will try to post a list of participants this afternoon or tomorrow
but EVERYONE is invited to play along.


  1. Sweet delights, Elizabeth...thank you for sharing! Your pretty posy is all the white and pink. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. That is the most gorgeous sepia photograph of your grandmother, mother and uncle. Don't you just love the look of those? They really knew how to capture a moment in time, those photographers.

    I also love the Mom and girls with umbrellas - takes me back to my first umbrella and a song, "Robin In The Rain".


  3. Beautiful images of flowers, Elizabeth. I certainly agree that they are dream material...I love the umbrellas too...who lighthearted joy they evoke. <3

  4. What a delightful post! I love the picture with the mother and daughters... The colorful umbrellas, the curly hair. Adorable!

    I think I can smell the flowers from here.

    thank you, love. thank you.


  5. What a lovely little bouquet ... does it smell as pretty as it looks?

  6. Love your pleasures! So glad you could play along. Elizabeth, I hope you can meet Christina, give her a hug. Also, I bet she would have some good dishes, for Friday, as she was in the food biz for many years.

    Love to you,
    Thank's again for letting me use your touching photo. Many people commented on it, how it made them have tears. I'm thrilled you took that photo!


  7. Love the Flower photo ...

    ~~~ Stuey having her Pay It Forward ... if you want any cool items ... go visit your blog ~~~

  8. That is a florist shop of dreams. Wow.

    Thanks for the cheer, friend!

  9. All of these pictures are equally delightful. (That florist shop window looks good enough to eat!)

    I love the composition (and coloured umbrellas) of the first photo.

    And the picture of your grandmother and mother! It makes me long to have lived in a different era.

  10. Oh. I would have spent every penny I had on those peonies. Every one.

    Lovely photograph of your family!!

  11. I do love old photographs in sepia and all posed in the old way - lovely.
    Plates and dishes it is tomorrow.

  12. those flowers are lovely...
    and i loved those colorful umbrellas

  13. You KNOW much much I adore this beautiful photo of your mother, grandmother and uncle. What a treasure.

    The flowers are to die for. I could spend way too much money in that flower shop! :P

  14. I think your posy is the best of the flowers, an amazingly soft and quiet keepsake.

    I must ask Kat - Is that "Robin in the rain - such a saucy fellow..." that you refer to?

  15. What a beautiful photo and memory you have here, Elizabeth. I love it! And that Florist...what an assortment!

  16. That 1911 photo of your mom and family is unbelievably touching.

    great list.

    coming over from Christina.

    One Love.

  17. My, oh my. Your list is visually delicious. I am feeling so inspired. What marvelous flowers.

  18. Thanks for adding me to the list - love the poetry

  19. beautiful simple pleasures! A flower shop seems like such a happy place to be ..

  20. What lovely flowers, and what a wonderful family picture that is of your mother, grandmother, and uncle!


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