Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday in the Park with Bloggers

Deb of Bonbonoiseau had a brilliant idea: a chicknic in the park.
The rain had stopped at last.
So we all agreed and offered to bring food.
McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

There was an excellent balance of things that are good for you
and morally pure like tomatoes, melon, fruit salad
and stuff that is wonderful like
vanilla pudding and stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon
and stuffed eggs and cake.

So we ate and ate, and then ate more and talked about weddings
and blogging and various other topics of burning interest to all.
Bloggers are pretty good at words, food and connecting.
We talked of farflung bloggers like Maryam and Janelle
and wished they were with us but wondered if we were too dull.

On the way home, an old lady thanked the young man who helped
her off the bus. A VERY GOOD DAY.


  1. It was great meeting you at the chicknic Elizabeth. Loved the sprinkles and looking forward to having Pimms! x Marichelle

  2. What a fun idea to meet in the park for a bloggers chat and a "chicknic"...does that mean that ate chicken or that you were all females?

    Loved the last photo of the woman thanking the sweet she looks...her sense of time must be different because she turned and shook the young man's hand right in the flow of people getting of the bus.

    Thanks for sharing your day and photos, ELizabeth. <3

  3. This one is not just a good day but a good story to share..thanks

    Las Islas Filipinas World

  4. You had a much better full moon than I did, Elizabeth.

    I love sitting down with food and drink and bloggers. Janelle would be a wonderful addition to any blog get together. Wouldn't that be fun??

  5. That sounds like so much fun! What a great way to meet other bloggers (or did you all know each other prior to this?)
    Love the last pic. Kind of negates all of the stereotypes, doesn't it!

  6. the last photo is so lovely!

    and what a great chicknic :)

  7. Nice time spent .. love the random act of kindness shot

  8. What a feast and wonderful day! Always fun to meet blogging friends. Thanks for sharing your lovely day, Elizabeth. :o) Happy week ahead... ((HUGS))

  9. Jealous.

    (love the idea of chicknik)

    see you tomorrow for mundane coffee

  10. Everything's better in New York. Even the picnics! Looks delicious.

  11. Sunday in the park with bloggers - what fun and what great food.Looks like a good time was had b y all.

    Hope no-one recognises their legs from the shadow-shot Sunday!

  12. It all looks blissful to me - not least the food! Glad you had a lovely day for it - wish I had been there!

  13. what wonderful pictures Elizabeth! SOOOOO glad you had a good time--i did as time Pimms for sure...

  14. All that food looks delicious!

  15. Sound like BIG FUN!!! You're right I think Elizabeth about woman who blog. Especially the part about being connectors!!
    All photos fresh and happy. Especially that last one. That a great photo!!!


  16. Wonderful to see you, Elizabeth. Fauxhawk was delighted to receive his doggy bag of ladybug-shaped cakes with sprinkles...


  17. What a lovely idea! You New York bloggies have the most fun. (Those stuffed peppers with the bacon look amazing!)

  18. Ohhh! Looks like a lot of fun!

  19. wow..nice, a chicknic definitely sounds super good fun!!! and as usual, I was distracted by the food..but you already know that :P Hugs..will catch up when I am

  20. Wow! The chicknic in the park with friends looks great! I also loved the last photo, so nice!

  21. cool pics.. the strawberries look yummy!

    i think you had a gr8 day!

  22. Looks like a good day was had by all. Food looks wonderful.

    There are a lot of good and helpful folks in the city. ;-)


  23. I just came over from rochembeau's blog. She posted this picture of the young man, helping the lady of the bus. My heart sang with joy. I love this photograph. Beautiful!


  24. Looked so fun and summery! Gorgeous fruit salad!

    I like the way you footnoted this one with an elderly lady who took the time to be gracious and thankful to someone who had done a kind deed. I'm always touched by the kind manners and thoughtfulness of so many of the bloggers that I know.

  25. So lovely to meet you, Elizabeth! I'm glad we found each other instead of becoming dreadfully lost on our owns and maybe being eaten by Large Squirrels. Kisses to Buster.

  26. Awww I love this blog entry, Elizabeth!
    How could anyone think you bloggers dull after that magnificent spread. Loved your colorful and mouthwatering Chicknic!
    And the old lady photo at the end...was the cherry on top!

  27., friends and random acts of kindness

  28. I am glad to have found you again! How did I manage to lose you?

  29. Great idea ! this picnic looks fantastic


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