Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mug Monday

Valerie of AcornMoon and Pat of Weaver of Grass
are hosting a Monday roundup of favorite mugs.
Awfully hard to photograph a mug.
Above: the mug I actually drink my tea out of.

This is a picture of a mug which haunts me.
Courtesy of Google Images.

Tragic Mug Haiku

Coronation Day
they gave me a mug alas
dropped the same day

ps: all my friends did not break their mugs, and were forced to drink milk out of them every day.


  1. Your coronation mug haiku is too funny. Was drinking milk considered to be a torture then? My children drank theirs from Beatrix Potter, but gave the habit up quite early.

    Very nice picture of your favourite. You negotiated the technicalities most masterfully.

  2. Your favourite mug is lovely. My mug-of-the-moment is my Cheshire Cat mug. I still enjoy watching the cat appear and disappear, although I've had the mug for a month or more.

  3. Your mug looks inviting. Mine is bland and scratched but retains heat, which is why I love it. I'm going to join in on 'Mug Monday'. Now I will have something to do today - mug shots.

  4. Your tea mug matches that glorious cereal bowl!

    I have a collection of royalty commemorative mugs. I should post them for tomorrow. You're right. Mugs are hard to photograph. Good job!

  5. I have a royal mug with a tragic story too. I'll be posting my mugs tomorrow too...

  6. Did you cry? Poor thing, fancy breaking it the same day?!

  7. I photographed two mugs. And yes you are correct. They are very hard to photograph.

    I would drink and drink from your lovely black and white one.

  8. We had milk and graham crackers for a snack in kindergarten, but we drank the milk out of cartons with a straw.

    No doubt because too many mugs would have gotten dropped and broken!

    I love the haiku.

  9. I have loads of mugs, but only drink from three of them!

  10. Lovely haiku. WHAT a sad tale, though. Greetings from Swansea, Wales, UK.

  11. I agree with you, taking a good photo of a mug is difficult but I think that yours came out very well.

    I like your everyday mug, it looks both rustic and elegant at the same time.

  12. Was interested in the comment from Bee. One of my fears when I began school way back in the 1960s was that I would be made to drink milk! I loved the little bottles which were provided from the dairy, but much preferred my orange juice.

  13. Once again I enjoyed your "Mug Monday" post.
    I wasn't sure if I would get my "mug" done in time but its ready for its debut.

  14. Good morning, Early Bird! :-)

    I imagine you sipping tea from your beautiful mug. Mine will have to wait. I took a bad spill on Saturday and had to postpone an overnight trip. Will be back on Wednesday!

  15. At the risk of sounding a mite 'precious', I prefer a china cup and saucer - I think tea tastes better like that and I love my cuppa

  16. Ohhhh! You broke your mug after receiving it? That's too bad. Or maybe not. ;-)

    I like your mug in the top photo. Very nice.


  17. Funny mug story & haiku, Elizabeth... hahaha...very pretty mugs though! And lovely photos... Happy Day ((HUGS))

  18. This is a delightful display! I have a coronation mug put away somewhere. I will have to get it out and put some milk in it...... and perhaps some tea or coffee. I enjoyed your haiku. Thank you for the visit.

  19. Your transferware mug has a great color combination - charming!

  20. Oh! How sad! (and yet how funny!)

    Your favourite mug is lovely and so pristine.


    P.S. I've joined in and posted a haiku too!

  21. Hello Elizabeth,

    I do like both of your mugs, and also the haiku.

    This theme is quite fun to explore, isn't it?


  22. I love different mugs, and the memories they hold :-)

  23. Nice mugs! Mine are not fancy. But yours are - fab! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  24. I especially like your favorite tea mug...lovely scene painted on it.

  25. Oh I love your coronation mug haiku! I, alas, lost my mug, but it was fun to see the very prim head shot of HM that was chosen for those mugs! I remember having to drink milk from a third of a pint glass container. We had to remove the silver paper caps and drink with little straws. This was in the 1940s though and it was the first time I had ever had fresh cow's milk. Evaporated milk was all I had known until then. I am also British born but have lived on the west coast of the US since 1965. I don't remember British people drinking milk like folks do here in the US. It was a condiment for tea as I recall!

  26. Love that sepia print on your mug Elizabeth. I had forgotten about Coronation mugs - David has a collection of those - loved the haiku!

  27. You have photographed your mug beautifully. It looks like it would hold a good cup of coffee or tea. What a shame about the other mug. I bet you said some naughty words...ha ha.

  28. Lovely mug. I love the haiku too!

    Great idea to have Mug Monday, I've really enjoyed participating!

  29. A Tragic mug ~
    and even a mug of your teatime mug.
    Both you have photographed well.

    Are you at all attached to your tea mug?
    Once I was very sad when my special coffee mug broke!

    Hi to all the guys in your life!


  30. That coronation mug and the mug haiku left me with a smile. I had a chipped mug once that I couldn't part reminded me of my grandma and how she always used to tell's not the mug that matters, it's that milk that will make you grow...sigh...yet I still hate it.

  31. Oh! Yes

    I have a number of comemorative mugs.

    We hear the weather has been cold and wet over there. Moving into a heatwave here.


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