Friday, June 5, 2009

Out and About

Food stand on 9th Avenue.
The smiling man took my photo with the dog.

In Union Square the other day, the musician  decided
 to cover up his face which confused the boy - and me.


No respite from those pesky squirrels even when
 sitting down for lunch in Madison Square Park.

These workers are setting up the umbrellas at the
 intersection of Broadway,  5th Avenue and 23rd Street.
These planters and picnic tables are a wonderful improvement.

A photoshoot on the corner of Broadway.


  1. Cheeky squirrels!

    And a street musician who wears masks and plays the accordian. Wow. Actually, if I played the accordian, I might want a disguise, too.

  2. Your friendly squirrel reminds me of our friendly sea gull who stole our bait, bag and all, when my kids would go crabbing at the beach.

  3. Now that's a typical ballsy NYC squirrel for you ...

    That masked street musician is a hoot .. I wonder if he's wanted for something ...

  4. Ninja NY squirrels!! love it

    the masked musician is most likely a former Wall Street exec - doesn't want the FBI to know he's still earning money ;)

  5. Now I want to come back to NY all over again!

  6. Heh. Gotta love that squirrel. I'm with Reya on the accordion.

  7. okay the accordian guy is just the best - I love that he just felt like covering his face and he did!

  8. so great to find you here... return in NY

  9. Always something going on in The Big Apple. When I walk to work here about the only thing that changes is the weather. Kinda like it that way, but a little excitement is nice too.

  10. Came lookin' for a cat, but found a squirrel! Hey Elizabeth. These are great shots. I like how you take the everyday life photos. Makes me happy.
    Wonder what the woman in red is selling?

    Happy Weekend friend.
    Woof woof to Buster Brown!


  11. A break between the clouds! (That squirrel is a little close for comfort.)

    Did you inquire as to why the musican felt obligated to cover his face with such a strange mask?

  12. Fun photos! The masked accordian man is scary though.

  13. Well, you had me grinning when I saw the boy with his head slanted, wondering, confused, and the strangely-masked musician. Now where's the photo of you with your pup?

  14. Oh that is a great picture of the squirrel. My first visit here and love your pictures, they all tell wonderful stories. I do love visiting NYC which doesnt happen very often given I live in OZ.


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