Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Urban and Domestic

Extremely useful and popular fruit stand on the corner.
Accessible snacks for all.

This is new. You can get a ride to Whole Foods in
 this nice little bicycle taxi. I chatted with Jack who was
really enthusiastic. He offered to take the dog too,
but I said they wouldn't let him in.

A traditional logo.  Poor Mr.Softee.
Dressed up so nice .

This flower, sprung from who knows where,
vies with cigarette butts, torn paper and who knows what
to bloom in a crack in the pavement.

Lime bloom. I picked this tiny sprig and
 inhaled its scent all day.


  1. I love that there so much to see and do when walking the streets of NYC. My mom would have loved that ride to Whole Foods. ;-)


  2. Poor Mister Softee is right! Dude...what were you thinking?

    Love the flower growing in such a difficult environment. Nature is so powerful, isn't it?

  3. The Whole Foods taxi has kind of a rickshaw thing going on, doesn't it? Fun!

  4. So much on our doorsteps, almost taken for granted! But not you! Now I am surprised when I go to the beach occasionally - no longer taking it for granted. Nice, familiar shots Elizabeth - and Buster's bed is magnificent, so elegant!

  5. Oh lime bloom .. devine scent...

    You'd think (I would think for sure) that Whole Foods would have told Jack no dogs are permitted in shops selling food .. unless they are service animals ..

  6. The fragrance of the lime blossom is heavenly isn't it? But the stickiness that it exudes does make a mess of the car if you park underneath one!

  7. You continue on a photo odyssey and the compositions continually improve. I have many questions to ask you because the photos hint at many things. V nice set.

  8. I love the way you captured the little girl's hat in the first photo, Elizabeth! Beauty tries to express itself even surrounded by garbage...I also enjoy a fragrant sprig to inhale all day...sometimes it's jasmine...sometime rosemary! Lovely photos...and unique subjects and composition. <3

  9. ha! I think I needed a transition there...the girl is not surrounded by garbage, the flower...however...
    There is a scene in the Gilmore Girls where Kirk tries to pull Lorelai and Rory on one of these bikes...it's a slow haul (visually, physically, and diologically -can I say that?-)I wonder if it does require a lot of energy and strength to carry the load? <3

  10. the little flower is so touching

    woman at the fruit stand really has her hands full!!

    wonderful 'slice of life' shots - as always :)

  11. We noticed the scent of lime blossom all the time when we were in the US Elizabeth. We get it here too but only now - it is so much earlier over there with you. It is one of the essential smells of early Summer.

  12. That little green cart looks fun.

    I am off now to search for Devises.

  13. I love your walks around NY. It is almost like being there.

    The first photo is my favorite. Fruit stand - yum!

  14. Where would we be wihtout our neighbourhood greengrocers!

  15. I love the fact that you noticed that little flower on the pavement. Whenever I look at your photos I always think "I need to look around more"...

  16. Just like Polly said, I will look around more on my next venture outside. I love that green plate and the lime blossoms...very zen


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