Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Lot of Urban Metal of All Sorts

This is the inside of an ATM machine from Chase Bank.
The colors are rather splendid.

This is one of Robert's paintings in progress.
At the top you can see his computer.
The circle at the bottom is a roll of tape not a wheel.

This is a very jolly red bicycle.

These are the new doors of the Chelsea Market with new metal
pull handles. Needless to say the whole place is a work in
 progress. For some reason I like the color of the ladder.


  1. I like the red bicycle which both keeps a breast of modernity and holds a puzzle of antiquity.

  2. I love Robert's painting, took me a bit to see the computer, but I was delighted when I did

    and a bonus Buster reflection!

    who could ask for anything more :)

  3. The ladder is a cheerful yellow. Love the doggie reflection, of course.

    And the painting is really cool!

    Hey I'm thinking about coming up to NYC for a day or two in August. Will you be around? Would love to go have a drink or some coffee with you - or walk around and take pictures. Let me know.

  4. wonderful - love the ladder colors too :)

  5. I've never seen the inside of an ATM machine! The colors ARE very appealing.

    Robert's painting is very cool; I think that a hip NYC restaurant should commission a series of them.

    I want that red bicycle for my upcoming biking tour of Spain. Seeing those pictures would distract me, hopefully, from the pain of my derriere.

  6. Love the painting! i did think the roll of the tape was a wheel...
    great sense of movement in the painting too...

  7. Wonderful, Elizabeth,how nice were those bank people to let you peek .. and Buster is getting so big!

  8. HELP! I can't see the computer! I love the pic though. Also the ATM and the bike!

  9. That bike is just asking to be stolen...And that pup in the reflection is the cutest in the universe.

  10. Robert's paintings are very intriguing. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. You have outdone yourself in finding beauty in the ordinary. I love the motion in Robert’s painting. The tape adds something fun.

    I love the 20th St post below – feels almost English.

    I’m always impressed by how you see something new and interesting every day and find the time to share it with us. Thanks!

  12. I have to pop over and see Robert's new site. I would love watching the progress of his work as you get to do. I would be completely content to be a fly on the wall.

  13. Wow, Robert's painting is FAB!!

    Also like little Buster's reflection in the last one.

  14. Your collections always fit together so beautifully. I like all the colours and angles in the first shot.
    S x

  15. Jolly Red Bike, indeed!!
    Cute Buster!


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