Saturday, June 30, 2012

Around Town

The perennial fascination of virgin concrete

and thinking about work.

Having tired of all the stripes around, I started looking for first spot capture.

Such a lovely picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on the beer truck.

Union Square in the season of straw hats

and glorious bouquests

a puffy tree on the High Line

and a close-up of the mid-summer flowers.

Happy 4th July


  1. looks like you're having great the flowers, such variety!

    i miss nyc desperately, but what else in new. your pics do ease the pain, thanks.

  2. I wore a straw hat today myself.
    And carried home an armload of flowers.
    In 106 degree heat!!
    Stupid hot.

  3. I enjoyed that little mooch about your city, it seems that you are enjoying summer weather. Things here are gloomy and very wet, Have a great July 4th!

  4. What splendid summer bouquets. Love the polka dot shot. There's so much to see in the city. Hope you're stayin' cool.

  5. Elizabeth I really adore your street photos, I know so little about photography but I know what I love to look at and what in turn arrest me, and that photo of the beer truck with the background of that building and the puffy tree on the HIgh Lines with the gorgeous buildings in the background are just amazing. I can't begin to understand how your eye sees what to capture - but I"m so pleased it does!! :)

  6. The special effects on these images add a layer of mystery, very interesting!

    Happy 4th of July, to you and yours,

  7. puffy tree (Cotinus) and the building behind is? looks English Victorian but of course it can't be? Someone fill in for me, please?

  8. Oh I do like the farmer's market in Union Square - need to definitely find out where the markets are near me

  9. Good photos again.
    Please tell the beer truck driver to bring me a lot of beer! :)

  10. Love getting a peek at the nitty gritty of life in NYC.


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