Monday, June 25, 2012

High Line and Some Oddities

So, it's cherry season and I have a rather painterly ap on my phone.....

This is what happens when they don't put a fierce guard next to new concrete. Hi Doug and Cliff and Max and S who loves S. On the steps to our roof, Shithead Billy is immortalized.....I wonder where he is now?

So --  grass on the High Line

and a butterfly

and a woman, bold as brass, picking berries. Gosh, so I took her photo. Me :"Oh, er, um..... I didn't think we" 
She: "They're blah-blah berries. Would you like to try one?"
Me:"No, no, absolutely not."
So she went back to picking them.  I really have got to stop policing the globe; it's getting too tiring.

A nice bird who I will allow to pick the berries.

Swirly grass

as Frances said a taste of July 4th.....

A blue stipey family. Is it just me, or are there lots and lots this year?

On the way down from the High Line, this cheery worker wanted his photo taken!

Then Bergamot where I ate this poor fellow all up.


  1. Your so funny...
    Now that I am old and don't care I would have said something... about the berries and seeds are for the birds to eat and our enjoyment to look at.
    Seems no one has any scruples, shame or just plane sense anymore.

    Love your day trips as always, lovely photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Very nice! Cute smile on worker : )

  3. The cherries are really good this year, at least those we are getting over on this coast.

    Your photo of cherries and lemons could be translated: life!

    I might have picked a berry or two myself, just to see what they taste like...but certainly not a ziplock baggie full of them.

  4. Oh, the cherries and lemons really look like a painting - nice!

  5. seems people have no scruples anymore, picking those berries!

  6. Elizabeth, I do love the painterly effect of the bowl of cherries. Of course, it's your eye that really makes the photo so beautiful.

    Wasn't it fun to have that walk before the weather changed its mood?
    Today was really strange with all its darkness.


  7. I am heading to bed out here now and you have made me laugh and nod and snicker with your observations and snapshots.
    I hope you have another odd bits and lovely day tomorrow.

  8. Life is a bowl of cherries - for some folk! Certainly not me these past few days!!

    Berry picking/free food - some would call it foraging. I wonder if you ever saw this programme from the BBC's Human Planet: Definitely worth a watch!

  9. Great collection of pictures, Elizsabeth!

    I rather like the app-effect. The woman out stealing thoughtlessly berries away from birds, shame on her. I grew up in the countryside and have had my encounters with people "foraging", picking not only everything clean, but trampling around where they are not supposed to tread. While in the mountains, I watched a not so young lady breaking off whole stalks of wildflowers. How long will they last in her abode? What about all those people passing by those meadows who simply enjoy the beauty there, leaving what grows for other to lift up their spirits?

  10. Once again you have managed to capture NY beautifully.

  11. All photos are lovely, but my favs are the hydrant, cherries and the lovely bit of bread & butter. I too love NYC, and am out photographing her as much as possible.

  12. OK Elizabeth, monthly blogs on High Line please! Good to see the birds inhabiting it too - more attractive than stripies!

  13. Yes, there are lots of stripes this year, including on a new jacket of my own that I will never, ever dare to wear around you. Indeed, the term "Hamburglar" is forever in mind when I wear it around anyone.


  14. The high line is so lush now. I commiserate with you - so easy to want to police the world when so many people are so thoughtless.

  15. I know how you feel...policing the world is a daunting job.
    I live less than two hours from NYC and still have not walked the High Line. I will wait until autumn to do that...cooler then.
    Love you photos as always, they put me in a New York kind of mind.


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