Sunday, June 3, 2012

Local Excitement

We were looking out of the window on Thursday as some workers were removing the last of the scaffolding from a building across the street. A crash. A cry. People on cell phones so we didn't have to call.

Emergency crews aplenty.

A woman passing by was hit by metal and her leg broken. Luckily she will recover. 

In other news, I need a summer hat so start noticing them on the street.

Some random pics: a billboard and a man on a roof.....

Wednesday's peonies almost about to expire

and a picture from Sarah's blog Circles of Rain of the super cake she made to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

Now back to watching all the boats on the Thames on the TV!


  1. I just love your view!

    Especially the billboard/worker. Brilliant!

    Happy Jubilee!

  2. Oh my, that's a terrible accident. Hope you have a good Sunday!

  3. Isn't instagram fun? Love your pictures. The peonies are gorgeous, one of my favorite flowers. I hope everyone is alright from the accident!

  4. Wonderful photos as always. I like that special cake for the Queen's Jubiliee. I've just been viewing Barbara's pics from the Jubilee...what a grand affair, just too bad about the rain.

    You have so much excitement right outside your window there in the city! Glad it was nothing worse than a broken leg; that is bad enough.

  5. Jeepers, Elizabeth, glad that the siren-ated vehicles got to the accident scene quickly.

    I had a day off today, and also had my eyes on the tv for quite a few hours watching CNN coverage of a rainy Jubilee day on the Thames. I was so relieved when official word came that there was to be no fly-over. Also loved the Queen's umbrella, and that she actually held it over her own head. Not sure what that symbolizes.

    Hoping to see you soon.


  6. Wow! I bet there are a dozen lawyers fighting for the chance to represent the lady with the broken leg.

    The giant guy on the roof is creepy even if he is good looking.

    Love Sarah's cake. She has such a distinct and humorous style.

  7. Leenie: Yes, I'm so sorry for the poor lady (she is 72) she was struck on the shoulder, then leg, and pinned. The company with the scaffolding has been cited for violations (not cordoning off the area) so I imagine she will get 'a large cash award' --which she will deserve, but these things take AGES and I hope she lives long enough and recovers well enough to enjoy it....the lawyers will get a third.
    Yes, the guy on the roof IS creepy. The photographer is a good friend of mine but this is not my fave pic!
    Just besotted with the cake!

  8. loved all the images and the cake is amazing. The Jubilee Show was amazingx Lynda

  9. thanks for leaving a message on my blog...xxxlynda

  10. Poor Lady! I hope she recovers quickly. Do you think she will get suitable compensation?
    I love that first photo,(though sad reason for it)as it looks like a scene from a children's book-one of those semi information books about people who help us.

  11. How one can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and life can change in an instant.


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