Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer in the City

Yup, it's yellow and in your face and move it, move it and UHaul too

but if you go up high you can see that it's time for summer duds

Having got the urban bit over with....

I proceed to Union Square where there are scallions

and pink fish

 and glorious peonies in incongruous Home Depot buckets

What to chose? scabious and foxglove? a butterfly bush?



and so on and so on

wrapped in blue plastic

I bought a nasturtium to plant out on the street.
More summer stuff here.....


  1. All those people who wear black all winter have blossomed just like the flowers and veggies in the markets.

    Summer in the city. Dressin' so fine and lookin' so pretty.

  2. Glorious peonies indeed !
    My most favorite flowers.
    I love nasturtiums too.
    Have you tried to pound the leaves ?

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Oh, man...I was rooting for those magnificent Peonies! :-)


  4. I like to move it move it! Sorry, couldn't help myself after your first picture

  5. Flowers everywhere! I love them. Very nice pictures.

  6. Hello Elizabeth:
    This wonderfully colourful and vibrant post leaves us feeling even more dissatisfied that we have never, as yet, visited New York. How, reading this, we long to be transported there immediately and to find ourselves installed and riding around in one of those splendid, world famous yellow taxis.

  7. Oh what fabulous colors! You made me chuckle with that fish/peony duo. I truly do not think I have ever seen uncooked fish next to peonies before, although I did recently see a beautiful silvery bowl full of peonies at the center of a large circular table at which red snapper was served.


  8. I love the flowers. I'd like some fish. :)

  9. Glorious signs of summer, Elizabeth!

  10. ooh I have such very happy memories of Union Square...feeling home sick for NY!!

  11. Country delights in the city. Ahhh. Beautiful pinks! I never saw purple scallions, and they are gorgeous.

  12. Your second and third photographs have a look of some of Robert's paintings.

    Beautiful flowers.


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