Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Huntington, Long Island

Time to get out of the city and go to Hecksher Park

to do a little castle building and

observe the Canada geese

the ducks

the swan

 three heavily armored turtles

a delicate dogwood.

On the way back we saw the Shore Cinema wall being painted

and the trees coming into leaf.


  1. What a charming place and boy how nice to build a sand castle.

  2. Those are some serious turtles - they look like they're lined up ready for action

  3. It was nice to walk along with you in the park! Here in St. Petersburg there was only grass and buds on the trees just opened. I liked the picture with a gentle cornel, and such wonderful three turtles. I have the turtle lives in an aquarium at home. Thank you for a walk! Olga.

  4. I love the picture with the turtles!

  5. Henry is so handsome! Love that curly hair and those sweet cheeks and lips.

    I also very much like the painting of the cinema wall photo.

  6. Elizabeth, how I love the composition of that first photo.

    Little Henry is a joy! I would gladly help him build lots of castles.


  7. You have captured some very special moments as well as brilliant reflections and atmosphere. I really enjoyed looking through you day.

  8. Say hi to Henry for me, he is a cutey pie!

  9. Oh, I love the birds and turtles! Beautiful tree in last photo.

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  11. Loved all the pics Elizabeth but the turtles are adorable.


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