Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Afternoon on the High Line

Sunday afternoon and R. gets it into his head that he wants an ice cream --not any old ice cream but gelato. So we walk down to the Chelsea Market where there are a hundred billion people --  as I had said there would be and the line for said ice cream is much too long...

So we climb up to the High Line itself where there is a nice little cart but fewer flavors. Strawberry will suffice.

There were ice pops also

and a rather unusual form of lupin

the first flush of roses

the first outing of the sundress

then descending to the real world

down the steps to 23rd Street

where there were hotdogs and pretzels

and different (less swanky) kinds of icecream

not to mention the car-wash.


  1. I still haven't been and I really want to go. Is it sad that everytime I go to NYC, my "must do" is get a black and white cookie?

  2. Looks like fun, except for all the billion of people.
    Do you live close to Chelsea Market and the High Line ?
    At lest you could walk off a few calories and enjoy the day.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Elizabeth, wasn't it a shame to have all that rain arrive on Monday after the glories of the weekend weather?

    I love the gelato at Bruno's on Laguardia. Maybe we can eventually meet up there. Still remembering that day when Bruno's surprised us by being closed.

    I am savoring your New Roof in October poems bit by bit. I look forward to seeing you and telling you more. Meanwhile, I treat myself to your words.


  4. I like ice cream, but unfortunately I can't eat it, because my throat is very sensitive for cold things.
    Nice photos!

  5. in the climate of sweet 50's!)

  6. Hello Elizabeth:
    The High Line is truly a wonderful addition to the 'urbanscape' of New York. In every season there must always be something new to look at whilst surveying the street scene from up above.

    Your ice cream looks so delicious. Ice cream is a serious matter here in Budapest and is available everywhere but we always save ourselves until we can consume it at our favourite Cukrászda where they make it themselves.

  7. What a pleasant walk through New York I took with you this morning. Mmm...anything cold and delicious works for me too. As for the billions of people...I don't mind at all when in good company.

  8. A gelato? Sounds like a good day to me. :)

  9. I think that Chelsea Market must be busy 24/7! It was busy when I was there too. Glad you found an alternative treat!

  10. so much variety available in such concentration. I would most certainly go with you on that walk.

  11. Nice stroll - looks like a white baptisia to me?


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