Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bloggers Day Out

An utterly gray day when they had removed the top of the Empire State Building, so nothing to see from the roof when the artist Elizabeth Bunsen came for the day --and her first visit to NYC for many, many years. Fellow artist/bloggers Seth Apter and Susanna Gordon were there too.

Nothing for it but to head to ABC Carpet that glory-hole of the gorgeous and overpriced and visually wonderful. Karen Cole just visible behind the children's clothes.... 

and Lord Ganesh with his lovely real flowers

and funny little fabric purses to put presents in

and beads galore.

In the restaurant the flower arrangement was absurdly perfect

and the bread suitably sculptural

 photo and handmade book by Elizabeth Bunsen

and I drew in the book Elizabeth had created for her trip.

After lunch the weather had improved a bit and we reveled in the irises in Union Square.


  1. Hummm How lovely! How I wish I was there with all of you gals! Kisses!

  2. Isabel: we talked about you and about Portugal.
    You were much missed!

  3. As usual lovely impressions ~
    would be great to be over...

  4. The weather is not any better this side of the pond either - but it looks like you had a super day anyway!


  5. So much fun. Thanks for including me in the adventure. And I missed you too Isabel (even though I am a guy!).

  6. Very nice pictures about a good day. What kind of camera do you use?

  7. Majoris: I mostly use a Nikon Coolpix --not an expensive camera at all. Nowadays I often use my phone!

  8. oh ewix
    and everyone
    a magical afternoon
    ganesha galore,
    the salted caramel ice cream!!!
    the meyers lemon!!
    I am
    swooning still...

    xox - eb.

  9. I missed this one! Amazing!!

  10. That was such a fun day, wasn't it? It was so nice seeing you and Robert and all the blogging friends that day. You described ABC Home perfectly. *grin*

  11. Such loveliness here, the flowers, the decor, the food...I can feel the smiles and laughter, and I wish I had been there again...


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