Sunday, May 13, 2012

Country in the City

As frequent readers of the blog will know, this is pretty much what the city looks like. Note the progress of the Freedom Tower (upper right). 

This is what the subway looks like rushing past.

So one needs to do quieter, less hard edged, stuff like baking

or wearing sun hats on the bus

 or walking on the High Line

or past the community garden

 and noting the jolly little bird on 23rd Street.

This is my latest triumph --one of the the tree pits outside our building. The nasturtium is doing wonderfully well and the pansies flourish.

One of the said pansies.

On Wednesday, Elizabeth Bunsen told me about a new craft possibility. This is what you do: get two pieces of paper, put the pansy between them. Take hammer and bash paper a bit.

My second experiment came out better than the first one. I intend to do more......

Happy Mother's Day


  1. The pansy idea is great.
    Will have a try, too...must do something today except writing a short speach to farewell my sweetheart!

  2. ewix darling
    you are a superb pansy basher!
    what a perfectly hammered print
    a Time magazine above and below
    for padding
    also try:
    some smooth fabric
    and any flower,
    leaf, or stem will print,
    best when a bit spent
    to avoid moist mush...
    so warm and green here
    the boys are making
    some kind of exotic french toast
    miss you,

    xox - eb.

  3. Wonderful post today, the photos are lovely.
    Everything @eb said is true. The softer the pod (?) that holds the flower, something the more squish you will get.
    Your Pansies are wonderful, real and smushed !
    We used to pound the leafs.
    I love Nasturtiums. The leaves are fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Like your colourful planting - very cheering in an jurban setting

  5. I love seeing the city through your eyes and lens.

  6. You have a fine view of the new Freedom Tower. Hope you post a few more as it progresses. It's good to see the natural breaks from the city being built in to all that stone and steel.

    Your contribution of flowers is very impressive. So are your pansy prints. I just put my pansies out into the weather. Hope the milder temps hang in for the rest of the season (though we've gotten snow in June before).

  7. Nice tour today...Freedom Tower is looking great and your flower bed is gorgeous.

    I have some pansies on my patio this spring and I just may have to give the paper thing a try. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I love it when we get glimpses, as if we are peeping in. The cityscape is wonderful ... and your experiment, intriguing!

  9. Hello Elizabeth and a belated Happy Mother's Day to you!

    It was grand to see you in Soho. Your urban garden mini square looks wonderful. Your choice and care of the flowers is adding so much to your neighborhood.

    (I have to admit that when I leave the shop at night and see that Freedom Tower, the sight just makes me nervous.)

    xo to you and yours.

  10. Hammering a pansy - lol! Oh my friend, you crack me up!! I can just see you doing that and I can imagine Robert's amused face watching you do that.

    Btw, years ago I heard an ornithologist on NPR say that while song birds in the country have certain recognizable songs, song birds in loud cities have shortened the songs - into a birdsy rap!

  11. Bash away dear girl. You are a master. Great seeing u. Looking forward to our next outing. Xo

  12. Loved your picture of One World Trade Center. Beautiful!

  13. Lovely little bits of country in the city. I think that's what makes NYC so very habitable. It truly has it all. Your pansy hammering looks like a watercolour painting. Interesting technique with a delightful result.

  14. Hey, this smashing the pansies thing
    looks good... I agree, looks like a watercolor painting.

  15. How beautiful the pansy craft is, would be nice for note cards! Definitely going to have to try this: )

  16. some great shots here..keep up the good work

  17. I am intrigued by these hammered pansies!


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