Friday, May 25, 2012

Community Garden

Was lucky enough to be invited to have lunch in the community garden the other day -- about 2/3 of an acre of little well-tended plots with flowers and veggies.

There are two picnic tables and a pergola and some common spaces --it's just behind the church parking lot and reminds me a little of the small gardens you see beside the railway tracks in Poland.

It's the season for columbine and lilies

not to mention the roses and clematis

and the lush prom-dressiness of peonies

a bird bath and mint run amock

a rather dull but interesting colored columbine

something I can't name (dear readers, please advise).

Sage grows like a weed and looks pretty, sage and onion stuffing, fegato alla salvia, hmm much more sage than anyone could possibly cook with.

One little plot quite wild with poppies and roses. So a little heaven amidst concrete. I know there has been much too much about greenery in this blog lately, but it is MAY after all!


  1. I don't think it's possible to read too much about greenery. The green spaces tucked among the concrete and cement of the city is endlessly fascinating. Community gardens, like a patchwork quilt, are such a jumble of variety and fun to visit.

  2. The white tubular flower stalk looks like Penstemon or beardtongue. I believe it's in the foxglove/digitalis family.

  3. I agree with could there be too much greenery?

    Elizabeth, let me also tell you how much I am enjoying your poetry book. I am reading it slowly, giving myself a treat with each visit.


  4. There can never be too much talking, reading or photos of greenery ! Especially your wonderful posts.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I don't know anything about gardening and I have a terrible black thumb. But I love to look at your "greenery" and "color-y". I've also been enjoying watching all the flowers pop up in the garden of my new house. I have a gardener to take care of it, otherwise it would have probably all died by now. The previous owners had planted a lot of wonderful plants. I also brought all the rose bushes with me from my previous house. I'm enjoying a glorious May. I just wish I had your photography skills.

  6. Glorious gardens! Such a relief from the long gray days of winter.

  7. when does one talk about greenery if not in may! i'm loving the pinkness of the peonies, i'm funny like that. this was a wellcome preview as my peonies won't be blooming any time soon.

    the railside gardes...reminded me of the ones i saw in mumbai by the local tracks...

  8. Dear writer,
    Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red', I think.

  9. I love community gardens - I wish we had one in this area. If I had a garden again I would design it in a similar way. Are there two or three different kinds of peonies, I wonder?

  10. It's good to see all these green and growing things in the city...lunch in the community garden sounds very refreshing. Love the shell birdbath.

  11. Flowers are never enough. Nice garden, nice photos.

  12. Very nice garden.

  13. May=green.
    I think it's wonderful to have a community garden in the urban concrete jungle. I wish Los Angeles had more of them.

  14. Community Gardens in particular are fascinating in any large city. I would never tire of hearing about their existence, where they are situated and what is grown, and of course if they flourish in their area.


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