Friday, May 18, 2012

Gritty and Green

The other day I discovered that about forty nasty plastic giveaway magazine things had appeared on 23rd Street. Someone's art project? A prank? Best guess: they were moved from 7th Avenue when President Obama went to a fundraiser at the Rubin Museum......

Other than being a jolly, bright, photo-op, I wish they ould go away.

I think pay phone s may soon vanish since everyone in the universe seems to have a cell phone --or multiple cell phones.

Never pass up a good puddle.... 

Fellow street gardener Luis tending his project.

Time for a nap by the garden at 8th Avenue and 23rd Street.....

Green fix supplied on a wet day on Long Island....hosta

May Apples

Japanese maple and I'm afraid I forgot.....
Anyway, happy weekend.

Am off this evening to fellow blogger Francisca Matteoli's book party. How wonderful to write a book about fabulous, exotic hotels round the globe.


  1. it's an allium :-)
    Wonderful photos

  2. I second allium! Wonderful shots. Oops, that seconds debra too.

    Much debate here at the moment about the iconic red telephone boxes - the remaining ones are protected, but not maintained, so questions are being asked...

  3. Debra: Of course it's allium, thank you for reminding me.
    The bold cousin of chives.
    So glad you like the photos.

    Titus: I love the traditional red phone boxes.
    I do hope they save some at least......only drawback is the smell hm.........

  4. As always: great pix!
    Phone boxes have vanished here except a very, very few and those look different then before; very small, hard to see and no box around and some are only for emergency calls...
    thanx so much for your kind words of condolence to my darling's death; I really treasure that. Hard times are still on, but he is free now and it was a relief for him to let go.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. It is indeed sad to see the pay phone go away.
    On my first trip to the UK I took photos of everyone I passed. Sadly, I lost all the photos in a fire.
    In Japan the wonderful boxy, bright, lime green pay phone is having much the same problem.
    Next time I am in Japan I am buying one and having it shipped home !
    As always I so enjoy your photo walks.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Green growing things are well above boxes of junk journalism on my list. Your street gardens are looking excellent. Have fun at the book party.

  7. The hostas are looking lovely. Can you change out the junk journalism boxes for gardens? That would be a great improvement.

  8. This is one cab I would not flag, even if I was desperate! What a creep!

  9. Best weather and season in NYC right now, I think!

  10. Beautiful pics...
    Japaneese maple and purple allium which is from the lily family... grows from a bulb


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