Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding of the Year

Much anticipated, beautifully planned, our friends David and Robert don't do anything by halves. They got engaged the very night gay marriage was made legal in New York State. 
Anyway, what more splendid venue than Rockerfeller Center. Here outside

Here inside....

The diningroom so tastefully monochrome

the garden high over St.Patrick's Cathedral and 5th Avenue

even Benny, Buster's chum, the grooms' dog, got to visit for a bit.

The men had better hats than the ladies

everyone was dressed up

the opening cocktail a prickly pear margarita  YUM

umbrellas/parasols provided by the venue

and dinner beside a myriad votive candles

the cake

and the view from the window.

Happy couple now in Bali. The rest of us in NY where it is 95'F


  1. Hello Elizabeth:
    How truly splendid and absolutely joyous all of this looks. Such a glamorous location, only beaten into second place by the gloriously glamorous looking guests. A wedding to remember,most certainly!!

    Wishing your friends all happiness together!!

  2. That's a beautiful wedding! And the cake is hilarious

  3. Congratulations to your friends! What a stunning wedding from the Rockefeller venue to that marvelous cake...oh so New York.

  4. Thanks for sharing that wonderful wedding with us- ya gotta love a wedding that has a dog in attendance.

  5. It's grand to see these photographs of a sunny day full of happy folks celebrating in a very stylish way.

    Best wishes to the newlyweds.

    Thanks to you for the fine photos. xo

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  7. He he.. I LOVE that cake!

    What a beautiful day and place to celebrate a wedding. They are lucky.. I would love to get married again (to same hubby of course, LOL) but in the day and outdoors. My wedding will have dogs too and of course Buster will be invited. ;o)


  8. Love the cake! Everything looked wonderful.Wish l was where you are weather it is is June for goodness sake! Where is our summer?????

  9. Oh, that's glorious! I love wedding shots! And the dining table one is what, in my imagination, every New York dinner party looks like.
    Very taken with the fez too.
    Congratulations, and all the best, to the happy couple.
    Both Bali and New York undoubtedly warmer, and drier, than it is here. Our summer is proving unusually Scottish.

  10. looks like the wedding of the year, indeed! love that cake!

  11. Lovely wedding...and a beautiful venue. Loved the cake!


  12. Buster must have got you in...What a lovely wedding! Love the little candles all lined up and the simple white, nothing glaring! Just beautiful I am so envious of the tasteful gloriousness of all of it.

  13. Wonderful collection of photographs Elizabeth, the people and the magnificent buildings in the background. I felt drawn into them.

    Wishing them every happiness.

  14. Hats and kilts. Now that is certainly a very different cake.

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