Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday in the Park with Jo

It's embarrassing how rarely we get to Central Park when it's not difficult to get to at all. I always forget what fun it is.

So, yesterday we descended the long steps that lead to the pond...

and felt what a difference from the bustle of the street.

It was very GREEN.

Wind ruffled the surface of the water and there were ducks.

What a strange, tall building next to the Essex House!

Of course there were thousands of people there - lots of them taking photos like me.

There was a fun fair with rides...

and The Dairy looking like a Victorian railway station.

A beautiful day for just lying around

or getting cool information from the partially obscured tour guide.

Lots of generic and bad-for-you snacks. YUM.

And the piece-de-resistance - the angel presiding over the round pond with the boating lake beyond.

Now for a short quiz a la Where's Waldo.

Can you find:

1. the bride
2. the two dog walkers
3. the muscle man
4. the boy with the bike helmet


  1. Such a gorgeous summery treat for me on this very wet Monday, thanks Elizabeth.

  2. Elizabeth, wasn't Sunday a five star day? A perfect day for Central Park. Can you imagine that I was actually meeting friends downtown in the East Village? At least we eventually walked past another park, enjoying the sunshine and breezes.


  3. The snack guy sure had a lot of umbrellas.
    Nice to have green in the middle of the city.

  4. I loved looking at these, particularly as the afternoon after we met you the weather was so awful that we didn't venture into Central Park at all. It looks lovely.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    I found your blog from Em's at Dartmoor. Loved looking at these pics, especially the tall buildings beside the park and the beautiful fountain. I'm afraid I noticed the muscle man before any of the others!! I've not been to New York before so it's great to see your photos and read your commentary. CT :-)

  6. Thanks for the quiz and the tour! Our good weather has well and truly gone, so that was summer I suppose. Thanks for sharing your weather too!

  7. I've heard so much about beautiful Central Park - an oasis in the city.
    New York! What an amazing place it would be to visit.

  8. Just loved the one with the two ducks amid a lot of ripples, Elizabeth!

  9. Lovely photos Elizabeth. Brings back such wonderful memories. When we visit NY we always head for central park as soon as we can.Its a truly magical place.We both loved the doggy walking on sunday mornings, seeing the gorgeous little outfits that the owners had put on them.

  10. ah, holiday time in the city. London very similar yesterday but watch out for Boris Bikes!

  11. I found them all! thanks for the WW Elizabeth.

  12. Oh, this was FUN, Elizabeth! Nothing like a summer day in Central Park. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  13. Loved the meander with you!! As always.

  14. Stunning, gorgeous photos!
    What a lovey place!
    Yes, I can find your three quiz... but the bride I am not sure... is she in the inner of the church?

  15. I found everyone, the one dog walker looks like she is either telling someone off, or taking a picture with a phone, lol! I've only ever seen a little piece of the park on a horse and buggy ride in winter, I would love to go back in spring and see a lot more!


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