Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Beach 2/Robert Moses

Those of you who read this blog pretty often will recall many happy days at Field 3 of Robert Moses State Park. So this post is just one in a series taken through several years.

However, Hurricane Sandy really caused some fairly significant changes. For one thing, the pitch or angle of the beach is altered.

The dunes on the west end of Field 3 look rather battered.

The beach is now somewhat flatter which is lovely.

Instead of the sand being all pure beige or 'sandy', there are now some washes of darker sand which seems lighter - and floats to the surface. How clear the water is!  The posh word is pellucid.

One thing Sandy did was wash away one lot of sand and replace it with another. (Well, the Corps of Engineers helped). People who have those little wands to look for metal treasures are miserable... 

but shell-collecters are thrilled.

How sheeny and shiny the wet shells are - and how dull they get sitting in a jar or on a shelf at home. 

The birds were out in force...

doing bird things like taking off and landing.

The people were there walking

or just hanging about in the waves.

My shadow was there looking like some odd Edwardian traveller.

Lori's beach bag from Morocco was there too.


  1. I love seeing the beach through your lens. No sunscreen required!

    Lovely images and insightful commentary, as always.

    : )

  2. I love Robert Moses! thanks for sharing your pics Elizabeth.

  3. I felt as if I was there on the beach in that first pic. All beautiful as ever.

  4. Thank you for serving up summer so beautifully for us here, Elizabeth--GORGEOUS photos! Love the one of your shadow, yes, very Edwardian, turn of last century. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. Elizabeth, all that glistening water, and the rearranged beach sand that you photographed so well have transported me. I have a jar of now dusty shells gathered long, long ago, and may now have to give them a watery rinse to renew their glow!

    Many thanks for allowing me to have this vicarious walk on the beach. As you know, beaches are pretty much a banned location for me.

    Advice to all...lots of sunscreen!


  6. This series of photos is such a treat for the eyes, Elizabeth. All that blue and the pellucid water and the beautiful sand. Love that lady in the little black dress and big sunhat walking along the beach! And your shadow too, complete with your toes pinning it down to the sand.

  7. New York area beach in the summertime - nice!

  8. I am so glad you are wearing a hat and, yes, I hope a lot of sunscreen, too!

  9. What a gorgeous beach! It reminds me a bit of Seawall Beach in my part of Maine.

  10. Mmmm, I can almost smell and taste the salt water way over here in a wintery down-under :)
    And, the silhouette shadow shot is lovely!


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