Thursday, July 18, 2013

Robert Moses Beach/ First Visit This Year

At last! We finally managed to get to the beach and were delighted to find it mostly unchanged.

However, on closer inspection, the power of Hurricane Sandy was evident in the angle of the beach - which is now a bit flatter, so the waves are somewhat gentler.

The dunes have been repaired and a lot of beach grasses replanted.

The little inlet at Field #3 as still there. Good for little children (and me) to paddle in.

Looking south

then down at glittery water!

And my greedy chums the seagulls.

The tiddlies came with us and dug holes and collected shells. 

We tried to keep Gretchen in the shade. 

Grandpa restrained Henry from rushing off into ocean..

Both a snack and a beer were in order on the way home.


  1. lovely, bright sunshine, i always wonder if the water is warm enough to swim in. not that the kids, way back when me included, ever mind! looks like henry didn't mind either!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful photos.
    I so miss walking on the beach by the Pacific ocean.
    Growing up in the desert I always wanted to live by the ocean and I was able too for many years.
    I am a desert dweller and it really is my home but I miss the ocean.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. How gorgeous. In the heat here I would love that right now. Little ones having a great time with Grandma and Granddad.

  4. What a lovely outing with your charming family Elizabeth, and such dazzlingly beautiful blues and whites and of course my favourite beach-bird, the seagull!

  5. The beach looks so inviting, it is certainly beach weather over here!

  6. Eliabeth, I think that Robert Moses would love seeing how you and your family enjoyed this visit.

    I know that I loved your excellent photographs.

    Still...when will this heat wave break?


  7. Ah, soooo refreshing! Blissful summer days... We're taking a beach picnic this weekend--can't wait! Happy Days, Elizabeth :o) ((HUGS))

  8. Tranquility, peace and the joy of children!

  9. So BLUE! And so clean and fresh. Nothing like it when it comes to summer fun.

  10. What lovely day on the beach, Elizabeth!

  11. Beautiful photos of familiar looking beach scenes,
    Elizabeth! The bad news is I have been hacked so I can only reach you this way to let you know. And my blog has gone today. My new email Is:

  12. Precious days enjoying time with the tiddlies!


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