Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wet Day then Fireworks (and a Giveaway!)

So what happened to wanting to do black and white...? Um, I discovered it was difficult. Herewith last week's Wednesday monsoon...

taken from a bus going down the East Side.

What charming distortions the raindrops make!

As they teem down the windowpane.

Lots of bright colored umbrellas as well as the black ones.

How oddly painterly it looks

and what nice colors.

This umbrella is on its last legs

and this one is positively busted.

Luckily the 4th dawned fine, so all the sellers of patriotic stuff

could set up shop on 23rd Street.

Dallas BBQ celebrates everything.

So, up to the roof at 9:25 pm to take hopeless photos.

 Such fleeting joy 

much better enjoyed without trying to capture it.

My friends at Novica, who sell all sorts of lovely crafts and clothing from all over the world, have offered me two $50 gift codes(one for me and one for one of my readers). I'm probably going to get a pretty Indian blouse. So do write a comment and I'll draw a name next Sunday 14th.

Note: US and Canadian people do not have to pay any customs duty. UK customers seem to have to which seems a pity. Em of Dartmoor Ramblings ended up paying too much around Christmas time....


  1. I really love these rainy photos!

    I don't go for the giveaway, unfortunately can't go to New York to spend it :(

  2. The raindrops photos are really great- painterly, yes and worthy of that! The fourth of July is my least favorite holiday and red white and blue combination has always irritated me, even as a child before I knew that they were "patriotic" white and blue, together- really? Also a bit of a curmudgeon re: fireworks. They are never as splendid as the cost. I went to the site of the Indian blouses- remarkable how affordably priced they are- I have chosen a couple on my wish list and may just order them anyway. I hope that Buster made in through the big bangs of the evening without too much trauma.

  3. I love your painterly raindrops. They would never work in B & W.
    We spent the 4th watching fireworks on the street where your Fallbrook friends live. It's a perfect place to watch the festivities next door at the "Grand Tradition". And we saved $20 each. I wonder if your friends were watching?

  4. I love your rainy photos. And I so look forward to your photos filled with all the colors of the city !

    The Square ones send woofs to Buster...
    cheers, parsnip

  5. cool rainy pics. a lot of patriotism around. luckily we only have fireworks on new year's, the dog would go bonkers. one 4th of july in the would be great, ah, there's the retirement...

  6. HI Elizabeth.We have visited New York several times but fortunately havent had many rainy days, our wedding day was the exception! It didnt spoil it though.
    We both keep saying we ought to try and get back for the 4th July fireworks.Your photos look amazing.

  7. The rain photos tell the story so well. Your fireworks were BIG! Guess that goes with being in NY-NY. Thanks for the link to the blouses. They are exceptional!

  8. These are gorgeous pictures, Elizabeth!
    Would be interesting to see them in B/W, would definitely put a damper on the joyous mood many of them reflect.

    I love the fireworks in the next to the last image, exquisite!

    It is very difficult, indeed, to switch to black and white. It is a discipline I don't want to work with routinely anymore (I learned photography the analog way, developing and printing my films). My art projects reflect often very little colour, like talking in a softer voice to make a point, methinks.

  9. I love your rainy day photos.
    Happy 4t of July!
    Come see how I spent my 4th.
    Our Gypsy Rose is fully restored and in the water, at last!
    Have a great weekend.
    Connie :)

  10. Even your rainy day pics are fab!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. i love your take on NY... And Buster's, also! I haven't been able to visit the city in a while, but enjoy it through your blog.
    Linda E

  12. Lots of celebration in all these photos, Elizabeth, even those taken from a bus on a rainy day.

    Perhaps you might return to your exploration of black and white photography when autumn nears?

    I do hope that the current NYC heat and humidity depart a bit very soon. It's sapping my energy.


  13. Ooh! thanks for the day brightener Elizabeth. I really enjoyed your raindrop photos, not to mention the rooftop fireworks!
    & thanks for the chance to win a prize too.
    ; )

  14. ooh love your monsoon photos Elizabeth & hope I win I do love Novica stuff! xx

  15. My favourites are the fireworks you didn't like so much. I think they're gorgeous!

  16. I would love to visit New York! You make it seem so lovely.

  17. The raindrop photo effect is nice but I'm getting sick of all this heavy rain - similar weather in Maine. Cool firework photos too.

  18. i love your pictures too! i have never been to NY and enjoy seeing pictures of everyday people and occurances. the fireworks look great - we had rain too here in NC but it cleared up in time! thank you so much for the giveaway, i love Novica!

  19. Well hoo-ray for colour! I love bus shots...and with rain dotted and streaked windows, so much the better. I feel encouraged to keep on clicking window scenes now, knowing that I'm not the only who likes them. Wonderful being out and about in NYC this way. Thanks for the ride!

  20. The color worked very well for the rain shots.

  21. Love the fireworks display! I think the river location has moved because I didn't see them this year?

  22. Love those sidewalk shots through the rain!
    And what fun I've had catching up with your Vienna posts (having had a bit of a break from the world of blogging lately - so much I've missed!).
    I also discovered Vivian Maier not long ago and found her story as interesting as her photographs. Black and white is a challenge - I look forward to seeing your experimentations if you still plan to do this!
    Warm wishes, Karen

  23. LOVE the raindrops focus, Elizabeth... much more effective in color, yes! Hope Buster did OK with all the 4th fireworks!So good to catch up with you here having been away from blogland some days. I'll not join in the giveaway, though, but thank you... We get hit bad with duty fees on clothing, etc. :o( Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. Now posting from my NEW place:

  24. You certainly did have some rain.


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