Sunday, June 30, 2013


Lime bloom almost larger than life.

Since getting back to New York, I've been thinking a lot about black and white photography. Cait O'Connor mentioned Vivian Maier whose amazing work I wasn't familiar with. How grumpy and gloomy so many people look. So now I want to photograph New Yorkers in black and white too. Watch out for my experiments...

But it's June still (well, just about) and the tree pits and the roof offer me orange cosmos and oregano, pansies and blue salvia.

Well, hmm....this character has been loose in the neighborhood for years. It must take him ages to get ready every morning for his performance - his life. Maybe next time I'll ask him his name.

How to make your rice salad more interesting than it really is: add turmeric to the water. Add violas and parsley. 

The same goes for potato salad...

Union Square is ablaze with wildflowers

and snapdragons and blackeyed Susans.

The makers of plastic things like bold colors too

but then so does Gretchen.


  1. Somehow I managed to send a comment up before I was ready to! ;-)

    Love the linden blossoms, my favorite summer fragrance! I grew up in the shadows of two large, said to be a hundred year old lime (linden) trees. Midsummer evenings I fell asleep with linden fragrance filling my room and awoke to the buzz of millions of bees already busy in the trees.

  2. I do like black and white photos
    when I see your post today with all the bright beautiful flower... I can't get enough. More please !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Look forward to your B&W experiments but the colours here are just fantastic. I wonder where your next trip overseas will be???

  4. Loving all your colorful summery photos of flowers and the man with the lime green beard. I love eccentric peeps!

  5. Aside from the obvious, B&W photography is more about painting with light than is color representations. How you look at thing changes. Tone and scales of gray become so very important. Contrast and shadow add so much to B&Ws. To me, B&Ws reveal the essence, not the superficial of the captured moment. Good fortune with your endeavors.

  6. Elizabeth, what lovely colors you've shown in this post.

    I am thinking that your exploration of black and white photography might be more natural once we get along into Autumn, when the daylight shortens.

    Meanwhile, your colorful gentleman is someone I've taken a photo of during several Fifth Avenue Easter Parades. I do wonder what he looks like when he's off duty. Perhaps he's never quite off duty? I continue to wonder about laundry room colors.

    Can you believe it that we are on the cusp of July and still lacking that signature dramatic thunderstorm to clear the air?

    Hoping to see you in this first week of July.


  7. I like black and white, I look forward to seeing yours. Hopefully not a silly question but do you eat the pansies or just set them aside? (I know some flowers are edible)

  8. Wow, how beautiful colors! But I can't wait for yours B&W photos too!
    By the way, I have a new blog:

    Come and see it if you have any time :)

  9. I saw a TV programme recently about the work of Vivian Maier. Her work was very interesting and quite inspiring. Love your flower photos and look forward to seeing your black and white work.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. VERY FUN ode to life and colors! That color-clad gentleman can't help but make a person smile. :o) Happy Days, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  11. An especially delicious feast of color today, Elizabeth. I always look forward to your posts. Will be interested to see your B&W forays.

  12. I think there is a real place for black and white photography Elizabeth - but not with those glorious flowers you have put on today. (or with that Green beard!)

  13. I love all the colors.

  14. As classy and quintessential as black and white can be--sometimes color still says it best. Your friend with the green beard NEEDS the color photo. Welcome back.

  15. Just found your site thru the New York International Voices feed! I just started contributing as well. The person you captured goes by Ms. Columbia and professes to be Lady Ga Ga's godmother, lol! At least that's what he told me the last time I chatted with him! Love your work. Seems we have a lot of travel in common! (

  16. I look forward to your experiments Elizabeth, but these bright and beautiful colour shots were delightful in this post! Perhaps Buster could have a colourful outfit (I have no idea where that thought even came from!)
    Wishing you a wonderful warm week!

  17. I think many things go better with color, even your local character. Especially flowers (and children)

  18. I am positively savouring your colours! That colourful gent loses quite a lot of his panache when viewed in black and white. Nevertheless, will look forward with interest to seeing your view in b&w.

  19. Your photo of that very colorful gentleman has inspired me. I love street photography, but generally limit myself to found objects, architecture, signage etc. I often want to photograph people, but find it hard to ask. And that's surprising because I love to strike up conversations with strangers. I guess it's because I don't like being photographed myself. I shall braver next time. Love each and every one of your photos. Look forward to return visits.

  20. My, what colour and a street artist I guess. Beautiful flower colours and how the little one is growing up.


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