Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Botantical Garden/Vienna

When I go somewhere new I don't feel much  compulsion to see 'the sights', I mostly prefer to hang about and let whatever happens creep up on me. However, on my latest jaunt to Vienna I was accompanied by a more organized friend.  The Botanical Garden was the perfect outing for a June Saturday afternoon.

For one thing, the gardens are huge and not the least manicured unlike some of the public parks which are splendid but a bit heavy on the begonias. Here a magical cottage.

Here a little stream

and an old pond reflecting the trees.

I think this wheelbarrow was once part of some sort of lesson for children - with mint and chives - but now tree seedlings are part of the mix.

Can't remember the names of the leaves. (Julia Fogg, where are you?)

Water and clover and silver birch

and well-seasoned logs

a meadow run wild

then the Alpine garden much smaller and more tended - with astilbe and peony

and berengia too.


  1. What a fabulously unkempt place. I love that wheelbarrow!

  2. Elizabeth, I would like to move into that cottage in the garden!

    Well, I guess that might not be possible, but I do want to hear and see more about your Vienna visit.


  3. I enjoyed that tour Elizabeth but I do agree that your shots of incidental New York have more appeal for me at any rate.

  4. It's all very pretty and green, Elizabeth. How lucky to be enjoying such loveliness, and easy access to wonderful coffee and even more luxurious desserts there in Vienna! I hope to visit one day; one of my grandfathers was from that area. Did you meet up with Merisi?

  5. So many little special places to explore!

  6. Gunnera manicata - just back from France - the Loire Valley - since you ask! Vienna looks good - solid but refined. Decorative but lots below the surface.


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