Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Herewith a selection of Viennese buildings that caught my eye. I always imagine what it would be like living in each one.

This near the cathedral has a lovely tiled roof.

My house may well have to be painted yellow which is is a pretty popular color.

This one is rather grand and has gilding.

It might be nice to live in a square.

or a house with warmer tones.

More tiles set with little dormers.

Cobbles and yellow

Not such a tall house and the Austrian flag.

I could go 20th century...

or find an unrestored building in the center of the city. You can tell by the red pipe on the right that restoration on this one has just begun...


  1. Nothing old around our town - I like to see the old buildings, and imagine what living in them would be like. Another reason we watch those house hunter shows looking for apartments in old European cities, so I get to see inside.

  2. YES that is the feeling of Vienna- very weighty!

  3. I always like to imagine what it must be like to live in houses I see Elizabeth - some I am put off immediately and others I rather fancy. Are you back in NYC yet?

  4. Those cobbles are amazing making up the pavement. Happy memories!

  5. So beautiful. I like the way you think.

  6. each doorway is prettier than the last!

  7. Now you have me wondering what it would be like to live in each of these buildings, too. :-) Very nice photos.

  8. *SWOON*... just LOVE Vienna... and could imagine living very happily there. :o) BEAUTIFUL images, Elizabeth. ((HUGS))

  9. All so lovely, civilized and clean -
    and who could not like that light creamy yellow ??

  10. Amazing architecture there Elizabeth. I especially loved those cobbles! Beautiful pics.
    Sending my very best to you.


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