Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Cornucopia/Union Square

No sooner do I start thinking I'm interested in black and white photography than the world is ablaze with color.

Frances and I were at the green market yesterday. Such a stunning time with everything coming into season... like tempting little egg plants

bee-seducing sunflowers (bee hiding in top flower)

blushing snapdragons

country bouquets and

plums with bloom on.

New potatoes at last.

Star-gazer lilies

zinnias so bright you need sunglasses.

Sneak-able peaches (see young man in the foreground!)
beefsteak tomatos

green beans galore

and corn stacked like cordwood.

On a completely different note, there was the first mention of "back-to-school" on TV this morning. Horrors... it's only July for goodness sake...
but I've started prepping - or at least thinking about - A DAY OF WORDS the one day writing workshop I'm teaching on Saturday September 28th at Little Bird Studios in New York. It should be lots of fun and is open to anyone. Do join our little group!


  1. Elizabeth, didn't we have a grand day...with that little cooling to last week's torrid city air?

    I made use of one of those shiny aubergines last night to concoct a sort of ratatouille sauce for some cheese tortellini ... it was delicious.

    Aren't we lucky to share the fresh bounty of the farmer right here in a city?

    Union Square is the place, Monday (good,) Wednesday (better,) Friday and Saturday...the best!


  2. well thank goodness you put off the b&w's and decided on sharing these colors with us - they are all so beautiful.
    & thanks for pointing out the peach snatcher! what a great capture Elizabeth.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, stopping by for my NYC fix. Your photos are wonderful for my eyes to behold as usual. I especially enjoyed your rainy day shots earlier this month.

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  4. Such LUSH color...*swoon*... Those tomatoes are almost the size of bowling balls! Love the sneak-able peaches boy. ;o) We're enjoying riots of color and fresh fruit & green too... It's been a delicious summer so far. I was at the mall yesterday (had to, sadly--ugh, don't like malls!) and there was back-to-school nonsense already. VERY exciting about your class. Wish I weren't so far away! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  5. What a wonderful place! Stunning pictures!

  6. Look at the size of those tomatoes!

  7. Gorgeous colours in those photographs Elizabeth.
    I wish I could join your class on Writing - it would be wonderful.
    We are thinking of organising a workshop ourselves in our writing group in the Autumn because there is no-one round here prepared to take a class. Any ideas you could pass on would be very welcome.

  8. Lots of glorious color!

  9. Such a treat for the eyes - resplendent colour! Thank you for sharing!

  10. great and bright pictures, my mind is racing with recipes... and i'm dying to visit the city

  11. I particularly like the crispy looking sunflowers!

  12. We had a 'back to school' thing on the television the day before OB broke up for the holidays. You're right - it's ridiculous.

    Such stunning colours, black and white might have accentuated the patterns, but the colours are definitely more important.


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