Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Sun Finally Came Out...and We Venture to the East Side

Sunday dawned chilly but sunny

by the grace of the Saint Teresa of East Broadway and her bounteous artificial flowers

just near a very old fashioned news vendor. 
We headed to an art show

 at Pier 36

then a late lunch at Pete's.

Monday was more and more sunny and the snow started to melt and make huge puddles.

This morning you could see the bus in the distance
and beyond that - perhaps -

the Easter Bunny pondering deep thoughts...


  1. It must be a relief to see the end of the snow. Lets hope that it is the end for this season.

  2. About time wouldn't you say! What a winter you have survived! Pretty sure Buster is relieved! Love the very still saint with very still dead plastic flowers, really lovely , and the most welcomed puddle!

  3. Such interesting tastes of N Y llife Elizabeth. Is it possible to make your text darker - I find it almost impossible to read.

  4. hoorah....spring has sprung back in London too!!

  5. Wonderful sun mealting the snow !
    I always enjoy water reflecting photos.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Oh Elizabeth, isn't it encouraging to feel that we just might have seen our last snow for this winter? Even if the meltdown does reveal rather unsightly leftovers.

    Flowers will soon bloom. Promise. xo

  7. Finally, the snow is melting! I hope spring truly arrives on time for New York!

  8. I love your take of town, as always!


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