Saturday, March 14, 2015


It's the middle of March....

Frances and I went to Union Square  and, lo and behold!

and primulas

the first of the season.

Anemones wrapped in green paper

and narcissus

and poppies that must have been grown indoors -  but never mind.

Oddly, there were very aged squash that must have overwintered somewhere

and antique carrots beginning to sprout. After all this excitement we needed a snack

because even though it was bright, it was cold.


  1. Bright colors from spring flowers are so welcome after all the drabs of winter. Yes. Hooray!

  2. Glad that the end is almost in sight.

  3. stumbled upon your blog earlier this week & I am so glad that I did. My little girl has been off school sick all week, escaping to NY vicariously via your blog has been a treat.

    And I see you are an Essex girl at heart. I'm a Suffolk girl myself :o)

    Hoping your weather continues to improve. We had no snow here at all this year (or last), and while I can understand completely how tiresome it must have been for you, I've been envious.

  4. Thanks for the change of print.
    I was so enjoying your spring flower photos - then I got to the croissants!!!

  5. Elizabeth, it was so encouraging to see those brilliant flowers! I am definitely returning this week for some primroses. Perhaps we'll even manage another cafe stop...when and where brioche is still on the menu...or happily settle for fresh croissants.

    Today was another of those days with brilliant sunlight, but oh, so much strong wind. Quite chilly.

    Let's hope for a steady warming trend this week. xo

  6. Oh My goodness the first photos is so beautiful.
    All the photos are wonderful.
    So happy to hear spring is coming.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Hooray is right! :-)

  8. I clicked on the link Frances gave in her blog and was greeted by such colorful flowers – I can almost touch them! But what got me were the croissants … I am ready to eat one of them. Luckily we have a bakery in town owned by French people from La Rochelle, and their croissants are authentic. It is also lovely to speak French with them. I hope you will have warm weather now.

  9. Oh glorious....I went to the green market on the Saturday ........and for eggs benidict and bloody marys at the Coffee Shop.....I miss it already!!x

  10. At last, spring is here!

  11. It always takes me by surprise at the colour laying in wait in NYC. Such colour! and snacks!

  12. The colours and the flowers take your breath away. We are in the pale yellow season over here with daffodils and primroses.

  13. The pansy wants to say, "I'm looking at you, kiddo!" ;-)
    Such beautiful images, you always make the ordinary look extraordinary, magical even.
    Love the coffee still life. Hugs, M.


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