Sunday, February 26, 2012

Before Lunch

Haven't done this blog for ages. Feel guilty. The world is not waiting for it exactly. Simply no ideas at all, so take the phone when I go out for the dog's pre-lunch walk.

Wander down 21st Street and turn on the magic Hipstamatic, which turns dross to gold. Well, not exactly dross, but any old photo anyway. What interests me here are the nice crisp shadows in the long window with white blinds.

Being barred out makes the idea of 'inside' that more enticing. No real sunlight in this courtyard though --or only a few beams at high noon. 

Lots and lots of shadows and bars and a great deal of GREEN.

More green when I look into La Grainne on the corner of 9th Avenue and 21st Street. Good crepes there but way too many people on a Sunday.

Ah, the artistic shabby-chic where the posters were pulled down

or remain semi-up

The HaHaFresh (really!) convenience store is convenient, and has all the things you run out of as well as fruit and flowers --and they let the dog in which is a big plus.

I think it is almost time to buy tulips. I refuse to buy any flowers out of season, which is very silly since all flowers are in season somewhere. But I would never want daffodils in August or chrysanthemums in May. Would you?

Now pussy willow, on the other hand......


  1. well, when you pay attention to this blog you really do it well! Love the pretend rooster and bike photo best of all, although they are all , as you would have it, well attended to.Lovely post! but...where is the pooch, the baby and the little boy?

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Just dropping by for my New York fix. Thank you for taking such good care of us. : )

    Your photos are always so wonderful! I like the scratchy black and white edges...nice touch. I haven't noticed that before.

  3. Maybe the world wasn't waiting but I was happy to see another post from your camera. You take time to see and savor the beauty in the details.

    I agree having flowers out of season is a little weird. But any kind of flower is welcome at my house this time of year, even tulips and pussy willows that probably got forced to bloom in some hothouse.

  4. Lovely Sunday walk!

    I love the daffodils, I have them all over the house at the moment and the tete-a-tete are starting to bloom outside in the back garden. Spring, I adore it!

  5. Thanks for a very nice post.
    I find it relaxing to have a walk on streets during free time especially on Sundays...and I love tulips...

  6. I am always waiting for your next post. I love the courtyard photo it makes me woder what or who is beyond those gates.

  7. Once again I'm envious of the flowers available in cities. *sigh* I'm with you, no daffodils in August and no thank you to Chrysanthemums in May...well except when the mums look like daisies, which I love anytime of the year. lol

    It's good to see a post from you.

  8. Elizabeth, your eye plus that camera phone yield magic. The images found on your walk each have a certain special something. I recognize many of the subjects, yet see them a bit differently when you deliver them!


  9. That's a healthy dose of colour on a very grey day for me - thanks!

  10. Love the two poster walls! Such glorious texture.

    I'm buying tulips and daffs right now.

  11. I'm always happy to go for a wander with you through your neighbourhood and marvel at the ordinary/extraodinary things you point out.

  12. A real success! You have not lost your touch - and the photogrpahs are amazing!
    Love it! What a walk!

  13. Is this the Village? So gorgeous, and each frame so well spotted and composed. Now that my daughter and her husband have moved to Michigan, I miss visiting NYC SO MUCH. I suppose we could still go, but not as likely now that grandson is here, and every weekend is with him. (happily)


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