Friday, March 2, 2012


I venture up to 68th Street where I come upon

a statue of Mother Italy by Guiseppe Massari  -- Columbus with a rather spinster-prim hat to the right -- and I get to thinking of the female embodiments of countries like Britannia, Lady Liberty and Mother Russia.....and so on

then I stop thinking about that, and go to the Asia Society for lunch, where looking up the stairs is vertiginous and reminds me of the Guggenheim a bit...

the dessert is very small and very good (see scale of mint leaves)
on the right is chocolate banana bread pudding

in the 60's

the little dog is looking out of the window at his perfect heather-and-hellebore miniature garden.

Madison Square Park and 23rd Street 

On the way home there were all sorts of delays and cops all over the place because President Obama was in town.


  1. the choco banana bread cake looks yammy! and the cop looks bored...

    happy weekend!

    ps. too many spellos in the first try...

  2. I always love to accompany you on a walk through NY.
    Happy weekend!

  3. What a strange quilt of images. Mother Italy seems so out of time or place.

  4. Loved the Massari statue. Like being there, but I didn't have to walk in the cold.

    Most perfect Helebores (Christmas
    Rose)I have ever seen - usually they
    are so droopy, can't see flowers.
    That little dog has one fine view!

  5. Your dessert looks scrummy and the little garden an oasis.

  6. What a good day. Your dessert looked delicious!

  7. I love walking along with you. I feel I am getting to know more about New York with every post.
    I have only visited NY once but what an exciting city and wonderful time I had.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Those Upper East Side front garden spaces can be quite beautiful, almost like precious jewel boxes.

    I think that dessert looks scrumptious, and almost makes me forget that it's still early Lent and chocolate is off my list.

    Wasn't today's weather strange. I feel very sorry for those folks in the current midwest tornado alley.

    Promise to email. xo

  9. Really enjoyed walking with you ... and that miniature garden is just perfect and so unlifting.

  10. I want a dessert like that! :))
    Nice photos!


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