Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday in the Park with Frances

A beautiful, astounding sunny day

Go up to the seventies by subway to meet Frances, painter, knitter extrordinaire, Anglophile, all round interesting person. So we check out her neighborhood --here the Ansonia....

A bar with a  wonderful harp --it will be St. Patty's Day soon but we

go to the knitting shop opposite instead and start thinking green.

When we get to Central Park we discover that lots of people have got there before us...

but here's Frances looking elusive in her astounding (hand knit) sweater.

Daffs springing from fallen leaves

and the Lenten roses I'm addicted to.

The rose briars are a wonderful purply color

and the catkins dangle prettily before distant buildings.

They are out on the lake already

and having lunch beside it.


The temperature was about 70'F
Celebrity sightings for PBS types: Robert McNeill (McNeill-Lehrer Report)
walking by the lake.
Ken Burns sitting on a bench contemplating....


  1. Lovely...
    I could just feel the day through your photos.
    I was watching a movie yesterday and as two people walked outside the house I saw everything was wet from a rain. The setting was around your areas countryside... the rain the wet house, yard the trees along the road... I could just smell the air. I miss that.
    But as I say that my yard is filled with the scent of citrus blooms.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. What a day! Nice photos. What was the temperature there that people wearing only t-shirts?

  3. You always make me want to be in New York...except that here I am in sunny California. But I so love your city photos.

  4. It was lovely going on this walk with you and the elusive Frances...I so like her sweater. And her hair too.

  5. What a lovely day! The photo of the catkins and distant buildings sang to me in an other worldly way. Thanks for letting me tag along.

  6. Gorgeous pictures, I particularly like the one showing the catkins, it's stunning!

    And what a day to be out and about, lovely!

  7. What a nice walk you took us on I like the bar with the harp. A wool shop in NY that will be on my list to visit.

  8. What a grand day we had, Elizabeth!

    Wasn't the weather cooperative, as it continued to brush away those hints of afternoon rain?

    Who wouldn't just love Central Park in this early springtime?

    (For the record, the temperature got up into the 70's F. So odd, when we know we often see snow falling on the St. Patrick's Day parade.)


  9. It looks like a lovely day there! One of my buddies is doing a proposal in Central Park this weekend so I hope it stays nice

  10. How nice to be able to get out and enjoy such a fine day. Thanks for the virtual visit to Central Park. Someday maybe I'll make it all the way across two time zones to that part of the world.

    Yay! for spring!

  11. A little taste of heaven on earth, I'd say: a spring afternoon in Central Park with a side trip to a wool shop. Sign me up! Did you ever see the production of Sunday i the Park with Georges? I caught only the end of it once on PBS and have always wished I'd seen the whole thing.

  12. I so enjoyed walking through the park with you and Frances.

  13. Beautiful day, indeed. I love her sweater and I love that you know all the names of the flowers. Love tat you can spot them. Love it!

  14. Wot? How can that be! - sleeveless, picnics, warm sunshine and stunning shots under a blue sky??? I am moving in with you! Scoot over, please!

  15. Just wonderful, I feel I have been along with the two of you, thank you!

    Those two people would be the kind of celebs I'd love to meet! ;-)


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