Monday, March 26, 2012

Orchid Show at the Botanical Gardens

Outdoors it is March with spring beginning to clothe the trees.

The robin and his mate are busy about their important business.

We head for the conservatory

where ferns surround the pools

and luxuriate in the tropical misty air. 

This year's orchid show is stunning -- the very  best I've ever been to. You can read all about it here.

There were walls of flowers to pose in front of

all gasp-makingly lovely

each more lovely than the last (this one's a pansy orchid)


Ferns and orchids at once. Better and better!

Not sure what the pink thing is, but WOW anyway.

Such timid purple tips.....

Almost a relief to be back outside to admire the white blossoms.


  1. The trees are not blooming here yet....lovely pix you posted; thanx for sharing!

  2. That's pretty amazing. I know some people who would fall over themselves just to be there

  3. OH MY!!! That is way too much beauty for one post! Totally charmed by the pink ones with the happy bobbly things!

  4. I've never been a fan of orchids - ever - I'm afraid! I remember buying my first, and only, single orchid for my Mother for Mother's Day around 35 years ago. Not because I liked Orchids but because they were expensive (hence only one) and they seemed exotic. Not even sure Mum was a fan either - but she accepted graciously - as you would.

    The blossom on the other hand, is spectacular and a great day to be out and about. Best wishes. BB

  5. Oh Elizabeth...
    I am not certain
    what the pink thingy flower
    is either
    it plum stole my heart....

    What a wonderful place.

    Is the garden near you?
    I ask because I would be over there all the time
    If I were you...

  6. Wow, beautiful flowers! Very nice photos.

  7. Se respira la primavera en el ambiente.
    Un abrazo

  8. Stunning photographs I can almost smell them.

  9. gorgeous photo tour Elizabeth! Now I really can't wait to go! It's like it's late April in the mind of NY nature--hope the freeze doesn't kill off too much, poor little buds. oxo

  10. I love the orchids obviously, but the blossom is beautiful too and I love the first picture.

  11. Sometimes I think the main reason we have winter is so we will appreciate the jaw-dropping beauty of flowers when they return.

  12. So much glory everywhere! Orchids are stunning and amazing...but I like that white blossomed tree the best. Beautiful photos - thank you.

  13. Love the shot of the robin! Flowers are beautiful, too.


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