Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back to Reality

After the buccolic idyll at the Botanical Gardens

we return to real life which is full of people waiting for buses

tramping down 6th Avenue

and bagging groceries.

Fuel for these activities can be acquired on almost any street corner. My choice: top row, rightish, next to the muffins. Everything with too much butter. 

I'm not sure what the second-hand rabbit Queen of 23rd Street eats. 


  1. Yup! Life goes on... I am very impressed at how clean your bus shelters are to be able to take such a sharp image.

  2. Oh- It is all good- you make it so with your wonderful picture taking device! You could even make trash appealing.

  3. Yet for a the spring weather and the colors of flowers still People of the Big Apple insist on wearing their black uniforms. People of Hawaii or even LA would look so out of place.

  4. I always love looking at your views of New York! That rabbit queen lady is truly she a friend of Harvey's?

  5. Always like your reflection pics :-)

  6. You have achieved a real sense of life continuing ... I love it when photographers show the ordinary which, in itself, is extraordinary. I begin to wonder about the people - who they are, where they are going.

  7. That last photo really caught my attention....looks like an illustration for a scifi story perhaps!


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