Saturday, March 10, 2012

La Promenade des Anglais

Decided to go somewhere swanky for breakfast with J. who likes that sort of thing.

I walk past this space in London Terrace everyday on my way to the dog run. It was Bette, then wasn't anything for a bit, recently reopened as La Promenade des Anglais which turns out to be wonderful.

We arrive about eleven when it's nice and peaceful before the crowds get there. The decor reminds us of La Grande Cafe de la Poste in Marrakesh. I like the beach umbrella

and the pretend rocks on the ceiling so you can almost imagine you're in France.

A Bloody Mary for R.  and coffee for J.

extra virgin olive oil and crunchy salt for the bread

artichokes and bacon and blueberry pancakes!

a Croque Monsieur for me in a most unusual form --but delicious

An excellent addition to the 'hood.


  1. I like swanky! I also very much like the idea of a Bloody Mary for breakfast. Hooray for J.

  2. Tres, tres posh!!

  3. That looks soooo good. I'm really jealous. I wish I had that Bloody Mary right now. Not to mention all the beautiful food. Artichokes and bacon together- who would have thought, but it sounds good.

  4. That looks very posh and the food looks very nice another one to add to my list.

  5. This is a nice place. I like pancakes :)

  6. it's modern and pleasant.
    I would love to try the dishes:)

    Life and travelling

  7. Oooooo tres chic and everything looked delicious. What a fun breakfast treat.

  8. Yes, to a swanky beakfast out ... and even better if the owner pays. Perhaps next time???
    I enjoyed savouring the food from a distance.

  9. Oh that place does look like a fun and stylish place for a special breakfast.

    Tres chic! xo

  10. LOL - J DOES like that kind of thing, and this was grand!


  11. Thanks for the view of a unique and luscious dining experience through your wonderful camera eyes.

  12. OK I am really coveting my neighbor now. Lucky lucky you. Should I make my way back to NYC and should I ever get the chance to meet you for lunch..I want to meet here. YUP.


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