Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday on Instagram

The Instagram ap proves to be totally addictive.  I'm following several friends who make visual diaries and have discovered someone in Moscow ( still snowy) whose photos are mesmerizing. 
My friend Liisa from Finland has recorded a year in the life of a tree here
It's such fun.

Herewith: bird houses on 23rd Street

Subway station at the same place.

People heading to Queens..... this pair quite seperate

This pair very happy, I think.

In Queens you tend to look back to Manhattan

eat rather well

then end up in quite the wrong place owing to weekend subway work. Oh well!


  1. how utterly fabulous....... can travel so far from the comfort of my sunday bed!!

  2. I was in the mood for a trip to NY and there you were. The rat made me cringe, the couple made me smile, and the red covered table looked so festive.

  3. Bellisima la primera foto.
    Que tengas una buena semana

  4. Loved the virtual trip with you. Just wish there was a way to share taste and smell along with those inviting visuals.

  5. Oh, Lovely little bird houses!

  6. Sounds like your weekend was quite wonderful!

  7. {{ yes
    Oh yes
    as d. Moll
    Said over there
    On the Left-----

    Changes everything"""

    Indeed }}

  8. I am constantly envious of all the Instagram photos I see on Twitter.

    Love the couple on the subway photo.

  9. cant use instagam for sharing .. dont no why but it crahes all the time .. so i have to wait NY getting greener .. Hamburg statrs blossoming


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