Saturday, March 17, 2012

22nd Street in Shades of Gray

Saturday morning, cool and bright

walk under the High Line where I could park the car if I had one.

On my way home, I'm pleased to see the waiter setting up the tables outside the Highliner Diner. The Highliner used to be The Empire Diner and it looks exactly the same except the food is a bit better.

Nice shiny windows with reflections

and white magnolia just bursting forth.


  1. What a fine NY morning! Great light for your photographs too. I love catching reflections.

    The Highliner diner looks like a fine place to dine!.

    I seem to remember the concertina type car parking in NY - a great way to use limited parking space - though I couldn't quite work it out.

    A fine spring day over here in Scotland too. Thanks for passing by recently...

  2. White Star Magnolia blooming, spring must have arrived in New York City!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day and a wonderful weekend,

  3. I think it is trying to be spring in NY. Love the Diner.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Love all the chrome on the Highline Diner.

  5. I'm jealous of the many choices you have for places to shop and eat. It is nice to have the freedom to travel so we can occasionally enjoy things we don't have.

  6. Oh, I could spend hours there, Elizabeth. It looks like the PERFECT people-watching spot!

  7. Good pix!
    Our Magnolia is still far from blooming....
    have a great Sunday,

  8. Ah, the Magnolias! Especially in Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the smell was just heavenly!

  9. The title of your post is great and there is fantastic contrast between the last two photographs. The final one is so creatively intertwined ... I love it!

  10. Good to know about the Highliner (FKA Empire) Diner!

  11. Merci pour vos magnifiques photos, que je regarde toujours avec un énorme plaisir...

    J'ai vu les mêmes fleurs de magnolia dans une petite cour de Paris, légères et blanches comme les vôtres.

    Bonne journée.

  12. Looking so lovely picture here. Thanks for sharing !!

  13. I especially love the white magnolias. Beautiful!


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