Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going and Coming

One of the good things about living in New York is not owning a car.

So when we occasionally rent one it's rather exciting.

The Midtown Tunnel is always much too yellow.
I did have a picture of nice little weeds growing in a lawn but managed to lose it.

Manhattan is always exciting to return to, but almost impossible to get a photo of it from the Expressway.

27th Street and almost home.


  1. Living in Atlanta, I can't even imagine not owning a car. It must be a wonderful feeling not to need one!

  2. I like the idea of not owning a car, something so foreign in the Midwest that most people believe they'd perish without wheels. Your journeys are always so fun to follow.

  3. I feel as if I've been on a drive. We are so spread out here in KS that you have to have a car. You could ride the city bus, but you will wait forever for one and it only goes on a limited route.

  4. Enjoyed the photographic drive! I can imagine the excitement of renting a car when it is a treat.

    We live up a mountain so .... we have a car to take us down to the town.

  5. yes, nyc really doesn't require a car. unless you can afford a driver with it, hah!

  6. Im loving seeing the Empire State building on the horizon!

    I dont have a car, so walk around everywhere, to and from work etc. But I think the public transport in NYC is probably a bit better than what we have to put up with in the UK!!


  7. Elizabeth, I am so glad to live in a city that does not require (or encourage) car ownership.

    Walking is encouraged. Subway/bus use is sort of encouraged.

    And there are cabs!

    Still, it is good to keep that occasional car ride/drive in the mix. That is the way the we New Yorkers can keep that particular connection to the rest of the States.

    I write this on another primary Tuesday, in which the price of gas might be a factor.


  8. I was in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago and it is quite possible to live without a car such is the excellence of their transport system. Running to strict timetables bus meets boat, meets train, meets cable car, meets tram. Fantastic! It costs - but it is joined up thinking and it works!

    I remember, when travelling from the airport into Manhattan a few years ago, the taxi driver telling us we were not allowed to take photographs of the skyline. Perhaps a bit over security conscious at the time.

  9. Loving your car journey you get a feel of the speed of traffic.

  10. Stellar photos from the car. :-)


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