Monday, March 19, 2012

Chelsea Sunday

A rather overcast morning with the West Side Highway closed off for the half-marathon.

We dog-park people stood and looked over the fence as all the impressive keen types ran and ran. Someone remarked that the first runner in Ancient Greece keeled over and died when he arrived in Marathon. So we just continued to look and admire and not risk anything.

After that off to the bagel shop to refuel.

It's always absurdly busy on a weekend morning. I should have known. I did know.  

So nothing for it but to amuse myself with the phone camera

and ponder the almost infinite possibilities.


  1. Half-Marathon? This Sunday it will be here too! Nice shop, so many kind of bakery.

  2. Mmmmm bagels, but tiramisu cream cheese? Does it seem to early for magnolias to blooming in the north? They sure are fascinating, though.

    Have a lovey spring day!

  3. Same here since the bagel and roll shops and bakeries are allowed to have Sunday's open...
    good idea to take some snaps while waiting and share some of these impressions of NYC.
    Beatrice *

  4. I miss most those bagels... They took my heart. Love them!

  5. Tiramisu cream cheese... Hmmmm... I think I'd rather have the real dessert tiramisu instead. Although it is fun to try and decide which bagel the tiramisu cream cheese would taste best on!

  6. Tiramisu cream cheese? Sounds YUM

  7. Dog park people are very wise. Forego the running, take part in the carb-loading. Rather like, "Leave the gun, take the cannoli."

    : )



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