Sunday, April 1, 2012

Odds and Ends

Heading towards Easter.....

so candy on the dining table

and an Easter lily (from Home Depot!)

An Easter bonnet and retro yellow gloves (which look a lot like dishwashing gloves to me!)

More retro and recycling. The roses I bought at the greenmarket three weeks ago now dried up...

and put in a sandwich bag

and given to Laura. I so rarely get anyone willing to have their photo taken.

The new M23 bus with St.Vincent de Paul reflected in the window.

Pavement art

and the trees just coming into leaf on 23rd Street.

ps. Just went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen  --simply to see the scenery--which was more interesting than the story. So started thinking of other movies set in sandy places ie The English Patient and Lawrence of Arabia. 
One of the joys of going to the movies is visiting places one rarely goes to. For example, I haven't been to Las Vegas since 1977, though lots of movies are set there like the excellent, but odd, Fear and Loathing. Classic casino movies are another subgroup. 
And then there are Jane Austen movies.....


  1. Looks like dishwashing gloves to me too. That candy looks delicious!!!

  2. yes
    we all agree
    -----> they
    do look a lot like
    dish*washing gloves

    maybe she was tidying up
    right before
    the Easter hat parade
    and just
    went for it...

    {{ UR in NYC,
    after all
    where Fashion is Cutting Edge...}}

  3. Ohhhh Easter candy! I couldn't set that out, I'd walk by and eat them all day till they were gone : ) That hat reminds me of "Easter Parade" I've got to look for my copy and watch it, maybe this afternoon, Love that movie!

  4. Will you be watching the Easter Parade this year I wonder, they do it in style in NY don't they?

    The roses look pretty still.

  5. I have a very similar bus photo reflection pic - taken in Glasgow during Brad Pitt's movie filming days here last year. I never did complete my blogs about those days. Your photograph may have prompted me into doing so at some point.

    The roses are lovely - fresh or dried and look really nicely packaged in their sandwich bag. I am not quite sure what to make of the window dressing. Seems anything can be passed off as fashion these days - particularly the "Marigolds"! And what about the hat.....?

  6. Those definitely look like dishwashing gloves. I wonder if they smell like them too...

  7. Your view of new York,to me is wonderful.....probably more than your enjoyment of a little welsh village's photos and stories x

  8. i agree about the yellow gloves. Love the sidewalk art.

  9. What an Easter bonnet styled with what looks like playtex gloves, too much fun! Yes to movies that take us to faraway places and yes yes yes to Jane Austen movies...and her books!

  10. Beautiful pics, the last one is my favourite.

  11. your pictures quite literally make my heart transported to somewhere I don't get to see anymore....go see Once Upon A Time In Anatolia.....visually stunning and in every other way....happy easter!!

  12. Your views of New York are so compelling, Elizabeth. Thanks.

  13. Your views of New York are so compelling, Elizabeth. Thanks.

  14. St.Vincent de Paul - one of the places I think of when I think of your fair city. Thank you!

  15. Mmmmm candy and Jane Austen films a perfect combination.


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