Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring in Chelsea

Outside the deli

a wonderful juxtaposition of flowers and garbage pails.

The wonderful showy cherry tree with London Terrace in the background.

Hyacinths and daffodils from Trader Joe's.

A white bleeding heart on 23rd Street....

Wisteria on 22nd Street

and glorious apple blossom.

The little poem book is heading in Paz's direction!


  1. What is it about NYC buildings that make the trees and the flowers look that much more pretty? Honestly...they look so different against brick and glass than they do just out the open green grassy yard.

    Happy Easter Elizabeth!

  2. Happy Easter, Elizabeth!

    Wonderful blossoms around your world - a season full of life and happy feelings...


  3. Thank you for the lovely colours - we don't have here so far...☀

  4. Oh, that looks like Spring! The wisteria is absolutely stunning.

    And huge congratulations on the new book - I'll be chasing down a copy!

  5. The wisteria is gorgeous. Happy Easter

  6. These pictures have delighted my eyes and made my heart sing! Oh to be in NYC, now that spring is there.

  7. Elizabeth, I so loved each photo in this post of yours. My springtime allergies seem to make my eyes want to weep (and so did not venture over to the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade.)

    Got caught up on various post holiday home duties. Promise an email to you very soon.

    Hoping that Buster did not have any bunny ears this year. xo

  8. Congrats to Paz! I've not been here in while, so it's wonderful to see all the spring happy in NYC! :o) Happy Days, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  9. Ah! The joys of Spring!
    And congratualtions to Paz!

  10. I have never been in NYC in spring. The everyday sites of brick and mortar with blossoming trees makes for fascinating photography.

  11. What a gorgeous place you live!
    Congratulation on poem book!

  12. I forgot to say that what amaze me very much in NY is the style of those buildings, the architecture.
    Brownstones, townhouses, are really beautiful. The photo "glorious apple blossom" with the house (or apartment) in background, looks wonderful.

  13. What gorgeous blooms! The wisteria is my favorite.

  14. Great to see the glorious blossoms of Spring and especially in the city.


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