Friday, April 27, 2012


I have been having lots of fun with Instagram a phone app where my handle is biffwix. It's sort of instant blogging without having to think of anything to say, and I get to see pictures of Russia and London and France --all super eye candy. And then there are the filters.....

The top two pictures manage to make the rail-yards outside Penn Station mildly romantic --that and the filth on the windows.

The other afternoon I went for a walk down 20th Street and took photos of windows. The filter 'Earlybird' makes everything sort of

Ah, the mysteries behind lace curtains!

This, actually is the fade color thing on Iphoto.

When you go west of 10th Avenue the mood changes.

This is the world's first mobile skateboard/snack it says.

This is a much bolder filter --you don't really want sepia for black metal and red tail lights. So you can tint your photos to enhance something or other --a bit like putting on 'mood music'. And so we manipulate the world.....


  1. Wow! Great effects! I always enjoy your window photos and these look especially artsy.

  2. Yikes! I need to catch up with the world. I've heard of instagram, but had no idea what it is. Must because I'm stuck without a smartphone/iphone. The filters certainly add mood to your fantastic photos.

  3. I recently downloaded Instagram too, kind of fun!

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  5. It is a very interesting app. I like all the photos.

  6. J'aime beaucoup la façon dont tu abordes la vie, en te promenant, en débusquant ces détails que les autres ne voient pas forcément et qui font ton originalité.


  7. Elizabeth, let me tell you that little by little, these photos of yours are beginning to plant in my mind a wish to have an i something or other.

    I'll need to discuss details with you, and hope to see you soon.



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