Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Spring has pretty much sprung around here.

I have begun planting the tree pits in front of the building: pansies, chrysanths left over from fall, salvia, a lonely wallflower and the requisite soda can and random bit of paper in the gutter.

Men cleaning up metal dividers and trees in bloom.

Hanging out at the dog run...

apple blossom in the community garden on 24th Street

and cherry blossom outside it.

Wordsworth's lonely little cloud hovering over the Hudson with the High Line in the middle distance.

Cookies at Sarabeth's in the Chelsea Market

and gelato.....yum

fruit at home like we had at Susie's in Marrakesh (note the sprinkling of mint)

Happy Easter!

ps: Go here for the poem book preview or to order here.


  1. Love the Lonely Cloud pic;
    I have planted, too, but it is not very Springlike here today...
    Happy Easter!
    Beatrice from Germany
    Woffs from Gizmo to Buster

  2. Wonderful photos today.

    Happy Easter !

    woof Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  3. Happy Easter, the pictures look great, I am in Canada and we still have snow, actually it was gone then we had a freak storm. Crazy. I have never been to New York, always been worried about being claustrophobic in such a city, but recently saw a show which featured some of the less crowded places, which did appeal to me. I think it would be amazing to see the city at night, especially if you realize that where I am, at night the only lights I see are the moon and stars. Perhaps I shall get to New York some day, my husband really wants to go.
    Great blog, enjoyed.

  4. Useful information ..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us this useful information. Fantastic walk - through. I appreciate this post.

  5. Love all pictures, but pictures of dogs melt my heart... So love "Hanging out at the dog run".

  6. Can get a good impression of the high line like that, obviously a disused railway.


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