Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Spring and Some Buildings

Looking out of the window we see that the trees are greening out nicely

and that the huge red crane towers over the street.

The trees aren't fully in leaf but have that gauzy delicate look.

A pink dogwood on 22nd Street

  and more leaves on the same road.....

looking up in Union Square

in the same place.

Yesterday morning as I was walking the dog I saw a man about to grind the stump of a dead tree. Now it looks like a little tomb.

Yesterday I bought a nasturtium and a salvia for the tree pits outside the building and picked up a brochure for the green festival which we probably won't go to.

One of the three tree pits so far. Pansies very cheerful and the calendulas should grow and grow. Watch this spot!

Always something picturesque about construction --here in Union Square

here on 23rd Street where they always dig up the road on Saturdays....
We are off to Brooklyn to eat at some outdoor food festival. Should be fun!

PS My poem book is featured on Amazon's 'hot new releases' in poetry.


  1. The leaves in NYC are much more advanced than here in dear old England - weather has been so cold recently I think the trees still think its winter!

    Lovely photos as usual, I do like the sound of the Brooklyn visit - I would love to go there, especially to visit Cranberry Street - have always fancied walking down there to re-enact Cher's scene from "Moonstruck"!!


  2. Green is a nice color, I like if every tree is green.
    Congratulations to your new poem book!

  3. Your tree pits are wonderful, can't wait to see how they grow over the summer. I bought some nasturtium seeds yesterday, now I need to work out where to plant them.

  4. Elizabeth, I do like the look of your spring plantings around those 23rd St trees.

    The 23rd St photo you took with the car reflection is a true prize!

    Lots of rainy day photo ops are due tomorrow. Will anyone want to get their feet wet and come shopping?


  5. Congrats on your book mention at Amazon!!

    I love the flowers you've planted in the tree pit. Beautiful!

  6. Exciting perspectives and beautiful contrasts in the layers ... lacework of trees over buildings, reflections superimposed on cars ... all that!
    And I shall look on amazon .... well done!!

  7. Nice work and good luck with your tree pits. I especially liked the big building reflected in the shiny car. Congrats on the poetry book!

  8. Another great collection of is really greening up in NYC. I have always loved those tree pits...never knew that's what they were called until now. : )

  9. These trees are calming to look at. The color of spring - very energizing. :)

  10. I love the way these photographs begin with the stormy sky, and then the trees, and then the springtime sidewalk garden.
    I ordered your book, found the link on Karen's FB! How exciting and I will love pouring through it.

  11. Your street-side small garden looks like it is coming along. Will donate plants for it next week. Cheers


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