Thursday, April 12, 2012


Went down to Soho yesterday where I saw

a brilliant zoo of inflatable animals.

 and a yellow shop front.

On 4th Avenue the workers and the barricades gleamed

as did the artwork on the poles near Cooper Union.


When I was a child I used to hang over the fences of fortunate people who had gnomes in their gardens. I was overwhelmed with jealousy. My parents -- in many ways the kindest of people -- failed to share my enthusiasm.

Anyway, walked over to Union Square to discover that you could buy Jack in the Pulpits which are pretty rare in Manhattan.  However, you need a woods to grow them.

It wasn't quite so cold as the outfit above suggests.

This last picture of the Flatiron Building is a contrast on purpose.


  1. The remarkable photographs. I am pleased to watch them. Thank you!

  2. That's so very cool - I especially like those plastic zip ties!

  3. The plastic zip tie are spectacular !
    Looks like you had an lovely day.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Love the colorful city shots and the contrasting monotone of the flatiron building.

  5. I always enjoy the artistic eye of your photo tours, from gnomes to zip ties to architecture---always a pleasure to stop by.

  6. Yes, it's the plastic ties for me too! Fabulous.
    Does the NYPD use them for handcuffs like the police over here?

  7. Love those decorated poles and the babushkas.

  8. Loved all the colorful pics, Elizabeth! I especially loved seeing Union Square, one of my favorite Saturday spots in NYC.

    Jack-in-the-pulpits? Who knew?

  9. Great photos, as always! I had to laugh at the thought of longing for garden gnomes. Suzanne is certain -- to my horror -- that the courtyard of my cottage-like house in B'ham is incomplete without a few. I finally had to say "Gno, gno, gno to gnomes!"


  10. The Flatiron building is one of my favorits. Nice pictures, I like them all.

  11. Elizabeth, I love the visual mix of color, whimsy, artistry and urban consciousness...all via your discerning eye.

    It was such fun to walk along with you. I think the Flatiron photo turned out very well once the sunlight cooperated!


  12. You don't think Jack in the Pulpit would grow in your street side garden?
    (just being silly)
    And, that is quite a babuska the lady
    is wearing!

  13. That'll be the famous gnomes of Herongate then? New title, new book?

  14. Super pics! I didnt know that you had gnomes in New York!

    Have you ever heard a silly song called the Laughing Gnome - by none other than David Bowie??!!



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