Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Spring Bouquet

It has been a long hard winter. Last year spring came much earlier so it's extra thrilling to see

magnolia on 22nd Street

the trees outside the Plaza

and in Central Park burgeoning!

From the roof of our building I look down to see reflections of windows on the surface of the street and threes blossoming. 

Here our first feeble effort in one of the three tree pits....subject to dog pee and cigarette butts etc etc. I love the pansies which are so hardy and comical.

Each one a masterpiece.

These are bigger than life sized and about to be hammered between two little bits of art paper.

Voila! a little print....

On our afternoon walk shy daffs on 21st st

and a rather serried row in the Seminary garden.

And last, two kinds of hellebores and a dash of bleeding heart also in 21st Street.


  1. Isn´t this the most beautiful season :-)
    I love the violet print. Did your husband paint it?

  2. Ah, spring in New York, always so special!

    I remember the first days of April in New York, in the year 2003, I think. The magnolias and daffodils were in full bloom in Washington Square Park. I was sitting at the window counter of the little coffee shop on a corner of the square, and watched snow falling on the flowers.

  3. Same hard long winter here, too.
    But not that much blooming as in NY yet. It will probably take another two weeks.

  4. Sunshine! How stunning! Love the print. You're a lot further forward than we are - have moved from exceedingly cold and very dry to wet, wet, wet.

  5. The Magnolia is so beautiful.
    I love your little hammered pansy print very lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I love Magnolias. A very elegant tree!
    Enjoy your springtime!

  7. The first time we ever visited Manhattan it was this time of year.Beautiful spring flowers in full bloom.Gorgeous photos bringing back wonderful memories for us.X

  8. What a lovely idea the hammering of the pansy is. I shall try it immediately with some viola that have seen better days. Have you tried other flowers too? Great to see NY in the spring; I wasn't following you this time last year.

  9. Flowers in the city! A few bits of color among the concrete walks

  10. Isn't it encouraging to see more and more blooms every day!

    You are off to a fine start with your curbside gardening. Pansies definitely are jolly little characters with so many charming faces. Your flower printing is also very charming.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. xo

  11. this post makes me hungry for a northern spring (daffodils, sigh...) i adore the shots of the pansies in those colorful bowls (and that pansy print is marvelous!)

  12. The little print! That is really lovely! Great! Must try that- maybe make wall paper!

  13. "Rosemary for remembrance and pansies for thoughts." Your little garden looks to be sturdy and tenacious as well as beautiful. Kudos to you and everyone who plants a flower to replace a weed. I love your pansy print. Great way to save a piece of Spring.

  14. Lovely spring bouquet!

  15. Pansies and violas - two of my all time favourites - they have such crystal clear colours. I planted some yesterday too.

  16. Spring is so beautiful and inspiring and it never ceases to amaze me at the healthy trees, plants, blossoms and flowers that spring forth with such vigour in NYC! Lovely pictures Elizabeth.

  17. Love the pansy idea - will give it a whirl!And what a thrill to hammer it to bits and yet such a lovely effect. Enjoyed your magnolia tree photo. Yes it is so divine to wake these days to the sounds of birds tweeting.

  18. Oh, this was a great sight for my winter-sore eyes, Elizabeth--THANK YOU! :o) Winter still feels like she has her steely grip on us, Spring is so slow unfolding this year... Happy Week ((HUGS))

  19. This is my second visit to the Big Apple today, having just enjoyed a stroll around Central Park via Frances's blog. I love that little pansy print, they have such happy faces too.

  20. Flowers are a forever delight; especially after a long hard winter.


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