Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pets Rule

One of the perks of having blogs is being invited to fun events like a pet products media showcase. This one was on Lexington Avenue last Wednesday and featured all sorts of new and amusing items. Buster was invited too, but it is always a nightmare hailing a cab  with a dog in tow so I went on my own.

Dogs around here are super pampered and get gourmet teats. Buster hasn't eaten this one yet which is being saved for a special occasion.  Life is Gruff  delights are made on Long Island. I was given lots of samples which looked good enough for me to eat.

I was particularly taken with the breakfast platter... 

I'm not sure Buster would put up with being Lady Liberty but this costume might suit someone more elegant. It was designed by Abby Kass of Pets en Voyage.

Something we all  absolutely need......a pop up toaster  with a picture of a dog on it....

or paw prints.  I like the paw prints best. (Pangea Brands) 

What Buster would like more than any of the cool collars would be a trip to a swamp in Louisiana where he could hang out with Sam and Sissy and get wet and filthy dirty.

Though he might be alarmed by the alligator. (This is a real one!)

Having an alligator tooth on his collar would be cool. (Swamp dogs of LA)

On a gentler note, Cheryl Jackson of Pink Diamond Paws makes pretty things 

for smaller fashionistas.

The picture tells all....and so sadly true...and funny. Dog Snorz.

For more details about the event and the products contact Pet News Now


  1. What a great looking event. Right up my alley. Secret? I've tasted those designer dog cookies and they are really good!!
    Love the collars. Alligator not so much!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. It's great karma to be a pampered Manhattan pup!


  3. This looks like fun and the cookies all I can say I want one.
    The breakfast platter was a hoot. had some very great looking custom ID Tag/protection that were so stylish. Almost bought them.... almost
    The doggie toast one looks like Buster

    cheers, parsnip
    and The Boys send woofs

  4. Oh love it!! I blog but never get invited anywhere!!!!!!

  5. Elizabeth, I actually laughed out loud at the sight of the faux bacon treats. And then realized that I don't know if Buster has actually tasted bacon.

    I'm sure that the event was fun, and that all the participants you chatted with enjoyed meeting you, too. Your writing talent shows throughout this post!


  6. So cute! I love it! The toast is funny and the bed linen!
    Funny pics and I am sure, a funny day!
    Love, Ines

  7. I really can't imagine this kind of event in the UK Elizabeth - but there are plenty of pampered pets around so maybe I am completely wrong.

  8. Haha Elizabeth I loved it all! Honestly I'd be a sucker for all of this. Really loved the toast. I can't believe our celebrity Buster couldn't attend; and go on you can tell us, you did have a taste of some of those delectable goodies did you not? :)

  9. Lovely set of images to bring back life.

    Good snaps.

  10. What a fun event. Lots of nice items.

  11. It's a billion dollar industry isn't it!

  12. Soooo much FUN! LOVE the breakfast-themed treats... too cute! Those pillow covers hilarious... One if there's ones like these, but for cat owners, like us, where this is definitely true?! ;o) Happy Week, Elizabeth... and cuddle to Buster ((HUGS))

  13. Bacon, eggs and toast - are they flavored like those as well? Nice!

  14. love the bacon and eggs. that alligator is spooky !

  15. What a fun post Elizabeth. Made me laugh. Love the toast and those pillows crack me up. I love buying my little Willow cute dresses but she hates them. She'll take yummy treats like that though anytime. I bet it was a fun time and sure Buster is enjoying his treats.


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