Friday, April 26, 2013

13th Street

How crisp and bright NewYork light is! (How very different from soft English light.)

How angular and hard-edged.

I look west onto a little bit of The High Line and see the Hudson in the distance and the uber-swanky Standard Hotel. In the middle you can see the truck of the London Meat Company which (apparently) sells Italian sausages. A last reminder that this was the district of meat wholesalers (and transvestites). 
Now all sanitized and a mecca for tourists.

Looking downtown, I like all the brave little trees in the West Village spouting in the shadows of everything new. (The Freedom Tower is the one that rises out of the photo.)

Anyway, back to crisp and angular

but add white chairs and lunch.

In the afternoon I pass one of my favorite windows on 22nd St

and pick up a blossom (seen here much bigger than life-sized) 

I inhale the first lilac of the year.
Happy Spring!


  1. These are just amazing photographs Elizabeth - crisp and bright are just the words. I can almost smell that lilac.

  2. Lilacs are far from blooming here!!!
    Not much colour here yet!!!
    All nice pix again!!!
    Have a great weekend,
    Beatrice ❀

  3. The city does look like a rather harsh landing, if one fell from the sky...A good place to do maths,I think.
    Your lilacs are ahead of ours- still in tight buds waiting for the next sunny day to BLOOM! POW!

  4. Wonderful photos.
    I love the lilacs photo, I never really see them where I live. So lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Lovely photographs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. ahhh, the first lilac of the year. i miss that scent...

  7. Elizabeth, I do agree with you about the differing qualities of light here and there.

    I very much like all you photos of NYC building geometry. The lilac is also rather wonderful. Isn't it strange what flowers can be seen blooming at the same time this week?


  8. Views so different from mine but so full of life and so interesting. Thanks for letting us look out your window and down your streets.

    I can see why that is one of your favorite windows. It looks ready for an artists to paint its portrait. Thank you also for a pre-view of spring flowers and leaves. We are weeks behind but we'll make it there soon.

  9. It's obvious that spring has finally arrived in NYC!

  10. Gorgeous pics! I love the waft of lilac in my garden as I walk past it. Enjoy the lovely spring weather.

  11. Lovely images Elizabeth. I was interested to see the Freedom tower is now coming along. We plan to visit the city again once the tower is complete and open.

  12. Happy Spring to you too! I agree that the light in the US is quite different from the light in the UK, but we did have one crisp bright day in England and appreciated it the more for its rarity. When we got back home, spring had finally come to Maine but it will be weeks before we see lilacs. Thanks for sharing your blooms. My mood is sunny as the weather too.

  13. Elizabeth,
    I love your photos and views of NYC!
    Are you on Instagram?

  14. All looks lovely - no lilac here yet but a hint of buds and fragrances. Any chance of a UK workshop?

  15. Your descriptions enhance your photos, I am very interested in all of it. You are ahead of us in blooms. I do love seeing the green trees leafed out and rising above the buildings, so sweet. Lesley and I had a very special Mother's Day brunch at a pretty place under the High Line a couple years ago.

  16. It is very interesting what you say about the light. Going back home to the US, to PA, the light does seem very hard, angular. I find myself needing sunglasses or to squint often. Here in Norway the light seems softer, gentler somehow. LOVE the larger-than-life bloom! Happy Week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

  17. And Happy Spring to you, too, Elizabeth. It's looking very lovely there in NYC - are we seeing views from your apartment? Makes me want to move into a city highrise.

  18. Gorgeous architectural photos. I love that window too!

  19. Interesting you mention the light when I have just commented on that in last post but one.

    The Botanical garden certainly busy.


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